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Belan Midterm Review

AP Human Rubenstein Chapters 1-7

Created the first map of the known world Anaximander of Miletus
Coined the word geography Erasthosthenes
Wrote 17 volumes about geography using the regional approach to describe distinctive relationships between nature and society Strabo
Extensive use of coordinates to describe places Ptolemy
Which two geographers concentrated on how the physical environment affect people (environmental determinism)? Humboldt and Ritter
Established differences between space and time to differentiate between geography and history Kant
Which two geographers believed in the idea of possibilism? Ratzel and Sauer
Believed that unless controlled, population will outstrip food supply (food will not support the population) Malthus
How do agriculture and efficient agriculture relate? High agricultural density = not necessarily high efficiency
What is the most fundamental concept in geography? Location
How many climate regions does the Koppen system divide the world into? 5
What are the types of expansion diffusion? Hierarchical, contagious, and stimulus
What is the number of people living per unit of arable land? Physiological Density
What is the arrangement of objects along a river, road, or valley? linear
What is the extent of a feature's spread over an area? concentration
What is the reduction in time it takes for something to reach another place? time-space prism
What is the number of farmers per unit of arable land? agricultural density
What is the number of people for each unit of land? arithmetic density
What is the region of the globe that has the wettest climate? between 0 to 20 degrees North and South of the Equator
What is the formula to calculate the natural increase rate? CBR - CDR
What is the formula to calculate doubling time? 70/(CBR - CDR)
Which country has the highest physiological density? Netherlands
What system has been set by the US government to control the flow of immigrants? Quota System
Which country encouraged interregonal migration by moving its capital city, in 1960, from the overcrowded coastline to the sparsely populated interior? Brazil
Most of the migration in the world today is going from the _____ to ______ areas. rural to urban areas
Where has the center of the populaton in the United States moved to over the past 200 years? continuosly to the west
What is migration from urban to rural areas? counterurbanization
What are the slums in Brazil caused? Favalas
Which religion does not have a taboo against eating certain meat? Christianity
What is the adoption of cultural traits of another culture? Acculturation
a language of international communication lingua franca
what is the lingua franca of east Africa? swahili
What is the lingua franca of South Asia? Hindustani
What was the lingua franca of the former Soviet Union? Russian
What is the official dialect used by many African Americans? Ebonics
What 3 German tribes invaded the British Isles and influenced the language there? Jutes, Saxons, and Angles
What is the standard dialect of England? British Recieved Pronunciation
What is a word-usage boundary? Isogloss
What is the Kurgan hearth theory? a theory that the Kurgans (lived near Russia), were responsible for the origin and diffusion of the Indo-European branch
What are religions that preach in order to convert people? Proseyltic
What if the first recorded religion to preach monotheism? Judiasm
80% of all Muslims are... Sunnis
What two countries does the Auzou Strip lie between? Chad and Libya
Created by: abbeyc
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