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Unit 3 Vocab Part 3


Universalizing Religions Widely diffused from the hearth through both expansion and relocation diffusion. Not confined to a specific location. Missionary - attempt to convert people to join.
Ethnic Religions Smaller diffusion and overall distribution from hearth. Restricted to relocation diffusion. Tied to a specific location and/or ethnic group. Does NOT recruit new adherents.
Christianity (Universalizing) Universalizing religion founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ, beginning in the modern day Middle East.
Islam (Universalizing) Universalizing religion founded on the teachings of the Prophet Mohamed, beginning in the modern day Middle East.
Buddhism (Universalizing) Universalizing religion founded on teachings of Gautama Buddha, beginning in India.
Sikhism (Universalizing) Universalizing religion founded on teachings of Guru Nanak, beginning in the Punjab region of India.
Hinduism (Ethnic) Ethnic religion, world’s oldest religion, beginning in India.
Judaism (Ethnic) Ethnic religion, Oldest monotheistic religion, beginning in the modern day Middle East.
Language Families Largest group of related languages which are connected through a common, ancient ancestry and trace back to a common hearth.
Indo-European Language Family The largest language family with about 3.2 billion speakers distributed across the world.
Dialects Variation of a standard language distinguished by differences in vocabulary and word choice, pronunciation, speed, and spelling.
Cultural Hearths The geographic origin of a culture or cultural trait. Traits first diffuse from the cultural hearth.
Isogloss A geographic boundary within which a particular linguistic feature occurs. Lines that divide dialects.
Created by: MelanieLeavitt
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