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Stack #34455

Mod D Unit 1 Words Thompson Institute hbg

-al pertaining to
aneurysm/o aneurysm
angi/o vessel
arteri/o artery
ather/o fatty
brady- slow
cardi/o heart
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-cyte cell
ech/o sound
-emia blood
-graphy process of recording
-osis abnormal condition
-penia deficiency
-rrhaphy suturing
tachy- fast
thromb/o clot
vas/o vessel
angiography x-ray of internal heart
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries due to elasticity
atherosclerosis fatty deposits build within the walls of the arteries
cardiocentesis surgical puncture of the heart
echocardiography diagnostic procedure for studying structure & motion of the heart
endocarditis inflammation of the inner lining of the heart
pericardium membranous sac that encloses the heart
thrombocytopenia decreased number of platelets
angina pectoris chest pain
ASHD arteriosclerotic heart disease
CHF congestive heart fsilure
diastolic relaxation phase of the heart
hemophilia inadequate clotting of blood
mediastium area between the lungs in the chest cavity
MI myocardial infarction
PVC premature ventricular contraction
rheumatic fever URI due to Strep A
systolic contraction phase of the heart
TIA transient ischemic attack
Created by: shady123