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MOCT roots 8

thyro; thyroido; thyroadeno thyroid gland
somato body
radio radioactive
immuno safe
estro female
gluco sugar
gonado gonads; sex organs (testes and ovaries)
homeo same
natro sodium
kalo potassium
tubo tube
metrio; utero uterus
cervico cervix
vagino; colpo vagina
ovario ovary
oo; ovo ovum
prostato prostate
vaso vas deferens
scroto scrotum
balano penis
culdo cul-de-sac
episio; vulvo vulva; external genitalia; pudendum
galacto; lacto milk
labio lips
ligatio binding; tying
perineo perineum (area from the vulva to anus)
thelo nipple
versio turning; tilting; tipping
acro extermity; top
adrenalo; adreno adrenal
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