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Pelvis & Gluteal Reg

Study Q's for Pelvis and Gluteal Region 3a

List the main contents of the Greater sciatic foramen -Sciatic Nerve -Piriformis muscle belly (fills majority of foramen) -NV bundle above and below piriformis Superior Gluteal Nerve Inferior Gluteal Nerve -Posterior Femoral Cutaneous nerve medial to sciatic -Pudendal NV bundle medial to PFCN
List the main contents of the Lesser sciatic foramen 1. Obturator internus 2. Superior gemellus 3. Inferior gemellus 4. Nerves that innervate three muscles 5. Pudendal NV bundle-portion that supplies perineum region
What are the three bones of the pelvic girdle? Articulations? Sacrum and 2 Os Coxae (innominate bones). Articulations: 2 Sacroiliac (synovial and syndesmotic) and Pubic Symphysis (cartilaginous)
Describe the orientation of the obturator foramen relative to the acetabulum? What structure runs through it? Relative inferior and anterior. Obturator nerve (L2-L4 AD) runs through defect in superior aspect of obturator membrane.
The anterior portion of the SI joint on the illum is called the _____________and is the _____________portion of the joint. The posterior portion is called the ___________________portion of the SI joint. Auricular Surface. Synovial. Syndesmotic. (Interosseus SI Ligament-dense, irregular CT)
In the auricular surface, the bony surface of the sacrum is covered with ________________ while the ilium is covered with__________________. Sacrum:Hyaline. Ilium:Fibrocartilage. Due to multidirectional forces.
SI joints fuse around which decade? Ebaugh: 3rd-5th decade. Pratt: Ankylosed by 6th decade in men and 1/3 women. (degenerative changes in male 4th, female 5th)
How much movement has been scientifically measured with the SI joint? 1-3 degrees or 2-5mm
Ventral SI Ligament attachments Anterior aspect. Ilium=>Sacrum
Iliolumbar Ligament attachments Transverse Process 5th Lumbar Vertebrae=>Medial Aspect of Illium
Which two ligaments help resist nutation of the sacrum? What are their attachments? Sacrospinous (sacrum=>ischial spine) Sacrotuberous (sacrum=>ischial tuberosity)
Which two ligaments reinforce the pubic symphysis joint? Superior pubic ligament (superiorly) and the Arcuate ligament (inferiorly)
Decribe the bony landmarks of the pelvic inlet In a circle=>sacral promontory, arcuate line, pectineal line of pubis, pubic tubercle
Transverse plane that separates abdominal & pelvic cavity Pelvic Inlet (note: False Pelvis= part of abdominal cavity and True Pelvis= Pelvic Cavity)
Name the boundaries of the pelvic cavity Roof:pelvic inlet Anterior Wall:pubic bone Lateral Wall: pubic bone, illium, ischium Posterior Wall: sacrum Floor: Pelvic diaphragm (coccygeus and levator ani)
What is the main functional significance of the “pelvic diaphragm” or pelvic floor? muscles are the major support for all the abdominal contents. Levator Ani: sheet of muscles, Coccygeus: relatively posterior. Also openings for rectum , urethra, vagina.
Sciatic nerve typically exits the greater sciatic foramen with what relation to the piriformis? Inferior to piriformis ____% Partly below & through ____% Entire nerve pierces whole muscle ___% 85% ~14% ~1%
What role do the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments play in forming the greater and lesser sciatic foramen? Ligaments are responsible for turning foramen into notches. Sacrotuberous ligament closes the notches off posteriorly while sacrospinous ligament divides foramen into greater and lesser portions.
What is a “pectineal line”? Discuss on what bones they can be found on and describe their significance? A pectineal line refers to multiple-comb shaped lines. They can be found on posterior surface of femur and ridge in superior ramus of pubic bone.
What marks the thickest part of ilium? Marked by arcuate line. Line leads directly to heavy superior aspect of acetabulum, which is major weight bearing portion of socket.
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