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VMED13 -MedNeuro3:ah

MedNeuro: Surface Features of the Brain and Ventricular System

State the function of the insular lobe in general terms. Has roles in taste and visceral physiological function.
Distinguish between the location of the thalamus and the hypothalamus with respect to the hypothalamic sulcus and the third ventricle. Thalamus is found above, and hypothalamus found below.
Describe the locations of the lamina terminalis. It is a thin layer of tissue that runs between the rostrum of the corpus callosum and the optic chiasm and seals off the anterior end of the third ventricle.
List the fiber tracts that connect the pons and cerebellum. Three transverse fibers: the sup. cerebellar peduncle, the mid. cerebellar peduncle and the inf. cerebellar peduncle.
Describe the location of the anterior, posterior and inferior horns of the lateral ventricles. Anterior (frontal lobe), posterior (occipital lobe), inferior (temporal lobe)
Name the structure that forms the roof of the 4th ventricle. velum: anterior medullary velum and inferior medullary velum
State the physiological function of the choroid plexus. Produces CSF
Created by: ahemyari