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Relgion Midterm

Religion Midterm

birthright a natural right of the eldest son to inherit from the father
Pentateuch 1st five books or scrolls of the Bible
Ancestors relatives who lived before us
Israelites God's people
Eternal Had dying, always will be
Bible the written record of God's revelation and his relationship with his people
Sacred Scripture the good news about God at work in Jesus Christ
Image and Likeness Being made in God's image and likeness
Rainbow Meaning Peace
Easter Begins on Easter Sunday eve and continues to Pentecost Sunday. Celebrate Jesus' resurrection and new life.
Faith a gift from God that enables us to believe in him and accept all that he has revealed
Soul the invisible spiritual reality that makes each of us humanand will never die
Sabbath The Lord's Day
Oral Tradition Passing stories from generation to generation orally.
Advent Coming
Christmas Season Begins December 25th through the Baptism of our Lord
Lent Remembering that Jesus suffered , died, and rose to a new life.
Ordinary Time First part between Christmas and Lent Second part between Easter and Advent
Incarnation Truth that the Son of God became man "becoming flesh"
Triduum Greatest and most important celebration. Triduum means 3 days, Holy Thursday eve, to Easter Sunday evening. We celebrate Jesus' suffering death and resurrection.
Grace Jesus' love that we receive during the sacrament.
Covenant an agreement between God and his people.
Divine Revelation God's making himself known to us.
Free Will The freedom and ability to choose.
Biblical Writer Studied the Bible to offer explanations and understanding.
Patriarch A Father, founder of a clan, a group of related families
Matriarch important woman in God's family
Canaan An area in western Palestine that included most of present day Israel
Human Dignity The value and worth that comes from being made in God's image and likeness
Genesis First book of the Bible
Original Sin The first sin that weakened human nature and brought ignorance, suffering and death into the world, we all suffer from its effects
Divine Inspiration The special guidance that the Holy Spirit gave to the human authors of the Bible.
Mercy God's saving grace/ love and grace
Stewards of Creation A person who is given both the authority over what he or she cares for and the responsibility forseeing that it lives and grows.
Conscience The ability to know the difference between good and evil.
Four parts of the Old Testament Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom Books, Protectic BOOks
Pentateuch First five books in the Bible
Historical Books Deals with the history of Israel
Wisdom Books Explains God's role in everyday life.
Protectic Books Writing of the Great Prophets.
Three parts of the New Testament Gospels, Letters or Epistles, Book of Revelation
Gospels Matthew, Luke, Mark and John
Letters of Epistles Story of the Early Church
Book of Revelation Message of Strength and hope during times of suffering.
First Story of Creation 1. Humans are at the high point of creation. 2. Humans were created in the image and likeness of God, give humans freewill, a conscience and a soul. 3. God made all things good. 4. Evil enters the world through human choice and freewill.
The Creation story teaches us some of God's attributes or characteristics ?
Nine Literary forms 1. Family Tree 2. History 3. Laws 4. Parable 5.Fable 6. Speeches 7. Short Story 8. Advice 9. Hymns & Prayers
Family Tree Family Ancestry (Gospel of Matthew)
History Actually events- History of the Israelites. (I.E. Exodus)
Laws Rules for God's people (ex. Ten commandments)
Parable Imaginative stories designed to teach a lesson(ex. Parable of the (Prodigulson)
Fable Stories of animals who have human qualities (ex. Baluam and the donkey)
Speeches Gives guidance(ex. St.Paul)
Short Story A story that teaches a lesson (our relationship with God)
Advice Wise recommendation for living (i.e. Proverbs)
Hymns & Prayers Contains the beliefs of the people of God (i.e. Psalms).
Symbolism in the story of Adam & Eve Symbolizes that is ever present
Symbolism is the story of the Tower of Babel Symbolizes Human resistance to God's Will
Symbolism in the story of Noah and the Arc The flood waters symbolize the sacrament of Baptism.
Four Gospels 1.Matthew 2.Luke 3.John 4.Mark
Seven Feasts During Christmas. St. Stephan Feast of St. John Holy Innocents Feast of the Holy Family Mary Mother of God Epiphany Baptism of the Lord
Saint Stephan Dec. 26th First Martyr of the faith (New Testament)
Feast of St. John Dec. 27th John was an Apostle and Gospel writer
Holy Innocents Dec. 28th Remember children called "Holy Innocents" who lost their lives because of King Herod.
Feast of the Holy Family Sunday after Christmas- Honors Mary, Jesus and Joseph- the Holy Family teaches us that our family should be like the Holy Family
Mary Mother of God Jan 1st- Celebrate Mary's role in the God's saving action and honor Mary as the Mother of the Church.
Epiphany January2-8. We celebrate that God revealed his son to the world. The magi came to worship the Christ Child.
Baptism of the Lord Sunday Epiphany- Celebrate Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist. Jesus knows what is means to be human.
Seasons of the Liturgical Year 1. Advent 2. Christmas 3. Ordinary Time 4. Lent 5. Triduum 6. Easter
Advent Begins liturgical year. Time of joyful preparation for coming of Jesus, 4 weeks long through 12/24.
Christmas Begins on Christmas Day, 12/25. It ends on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord.
Ordinary Time 1st part between Christmas and Lent. 2nd part between Easter and Advent. 33-34 weeks. Celebrate life of Jesus and what it means to be a disiple. Last Sunday of the Liturgical year-Feastof Christ the King.
Lent Begins on Ash Wednesday. 40 days in length. We pray, fast, and do penance. Remembered Jesus died and suffered and rose to a new life.
Triduum Greatest and most important celebration. Triduum means three days. Holy Thursday eve to Easter Sunday evening. We celebrate Jesus' suffering , death and ressurection.
Easter Begins Easter Sunday Evening and continues through to Pentecost Sunday. Celebrate Jesus' resurrection and new life.
Three important Sundays in ordinary time Trinity Sunday The Body and Blood of Christ Feast of Christ the King
Trinity Sunday First Sunday after Pentecost, 1st Sunday in second part of ordinary time. Celebrate the belief in the Trinity
The Body and Blood of Christ Sunday after Trinity Sunday
Feast of Christ the King Last Sunday in Ordinary time& Liturgical year. Rejoice that Christ is King of the universe
Qualities of God and Explanations 1. God is eternal- God always and will be from the beginning of time to the end. 2. God is all powerful- God can do anything. 3. God all Knowing - God knows everything past, present, and future. 4. God is Everpresent- God is everywhere at all times.
Adam & Eve The first humans on Earth
Cain & Abel brother who committed the first murder
Abraham & Sarah 1st Patriarch and 1st Matriarch
Esau & Jacob brothers who tried to get the birthright from their Father
Elizabeth Mother of John the Baptist
Mary & Joseph Mother and Father of Jesus Christ
Noah made an arc and saved two of every animal
Jacob Last Patriarch and Father of Joseph and other sons
Rebecca Wife of Isaac and Mother of Esau and Jacob
Isaac Son of Abraham and Sarah and Father of Esau and Jacob
St. Jerome Biblical Scholar who translated the Bible from Hebrew into Latin. His feast day is September 30th.
Isaiah Old Testament prophet who foretold Jesus' coming
St. Paul wrote letters to the Epistles
St. Stephen First martyr of his faith
Joseph Was the eleventh son of Jacob and was given a special coat as if a King would where.
Mercy The compassion shown from one person to another
Ordinary Time Season of the Christian Church which has two parts. First part begins on the day after the baptism of our Lord. The second part is on the Sunday after the Epiphany
Image and Likeness We are made in God's image and likeness
Sacred Scripture The Bible
Biblical Writer a group of people who have written the Bible
Ancestor A person from whom one is descended, forebearer
Grace What we get from God
Irraelites People that believed in God
Rainbow It symbolizes the covenant between God and Noah.
Ever Present God is everywhere at all times
All Powerful God can do anything
Eternal God always and will be from the beginning of time until the end of time
All Knowing God knows everything past, present and future.
Season of "Advent" Means "Coming" A. 4 weeks of Advent, preparing and celebrating the coming of Christ in the world B. Hope for Christ's coming- prepare by being faithful (sacrament of reconciliation) C. Celebrate Christ's presence in the world D. Wait with joyfull expe
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