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Religion N.T.

Religion terms from the New Testament

What is oral Tradition? what the apostles experienced about Jesus and what they learned from him, passed on by word of mouth.
What is Bible? A collection of 73 books that were written over a period of many centuries; written to hand on a message about faith in God
How many books are in the Bible? 73
Is the Bible a collection of various authors' works? Yes and no because the Bible has many authors and at same time only one author:God
What is Divine inspiration? the special influence that the Holy Spirit had on the human authors of the Bible
What is the dictation theory of inspiration? Why does the Church reject it? According to the dictation theory of assistant theory, God dictated the words of the Bible to the humans who just wrote them without any input. The church rejects this theory because God would never treat us like we were machines,image and likeness
What is the God-as-assistant theory? Why does the Church reject it? According to the God-as-Assistant theory, God had no input in the Bible and would just interrupt to prevent the human author from making errors. We reject this theory because then the Bible would just be like any other ordinary book without Gods influence
What is the later-approval theory? Why does the Church reject it? According to the later-approval theory, after the Bible was written, the Church approved it and only after that did the H.S. approve it. We reject this theory because then the H.S. would have nothing to do with the Bible before the Church approved it
What is a strict fundamentalist? A person that takes every word of the Bible literally and accept some form of the dictation theory
Does the Bible contain errors? Why or why not? The Bible might contain errors of history or science, but not the truth of faith. The Bible is not a primary source for the truth of history or faith but it is designed to teach the truth of faith
What is the canon of Scripture? The official list of biblical books
What are the three stages in the formation of the gospels? Stage 1: The life and teachings of Jesus-explains that Jesus actually moved and lived among us in history Stage 2: The oral tradition- the followers of Jesus spread the good news about him, Stage 3:The written gospels gospels finally put into written fo
What is s literary form? A type of writing that an author uses to get a message across
Name two literary forms. 1. prose- closest to to our spoken language, more appropriate for studying, used to make direct statements or present facts. 2. poetry- an imaginative type of writing that uses symbols, and rhythms that express things about our life in an emotional way
What is gospel? An announcement of good news. means "good tidings"
Name the six other types of literary forms. Epistle, Parable, Genealogy, Midrash, Apocalyptic Writing, and Hymn.
What is epistle? Means "letter". Saint Paul is the most famous epistle writer
What is a parable? Means "to compare", a fictitious or made-up short story that uses ordinary experiences of life to teach a deeper spiritual lesson
What is Genealogy? A listing of ancestry; helps us know where we came from.
What is Midrash? a distinctly Jewish literary form, a style of writing that the N.T. authors used to apply O.T accounts to people in the N.T.
What is Apocalyptic Writing? uses images describing future times and the end of the world
Why was the Temple in Jerusalem so important for Jesus and the Jews? The Temple of Jerusalem was important because it was the center of Jewish worship and it was only at the Temple that sacrifices to God could be made
What is the Shema? The great Shema was a prayer that Jesus and the Jews often recited. Te word "Shema" means "hear" and its the first word of the famous Jewish prayer that states that there is only one true God
What are the parts of a political and biblical? a preface, historical introduction, terms of agreement, proclamation, witnesses, curses and blessings
What is a sacrifice? A gift offered to God by a priest and destroyed in some way to show that it belonged to God alone
What are three special feast that were special times of pilgrimage during Sabbath? Passover-feast for remembering that God brought his people out of slavery in Egypt Pentecost- fifty days after Passover, celebrated the covenant on Mount Sinai, time for renewing it Tabernacles- time to thank God for bringing his people out of Egypt
What was the land of Jesus like? What were its three regions? the land of Jesus was a desert, very mountainous and contained 3 bodies of water: The Sea of Galilee, The Jordan River, and the Dead Sea. It had 3 regions. Galilee- where Jesus grew up and lived Samaria- Judea- the political capital, Temple of Jerusa
What is Sepphoris? The main city of the region during New Testament times
What is Aramaic? the common language for business and government throughout the entire area of the Near East including Israel, Syria and Mesopotamia
What are the evangelists? The four gospel writers; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
What three stages did that gospel come about? Jesus himself, the Church with its oral tradition and apostolic preaching about Jesus, and the gospels themselves
What are the synoptic gospels? means "looking at together" a word to describe the four gospels that contain so many similarities among all of them
What are some examples the synoptic gospels contain? The baptism of Jesus, the temptation of Jesus, the cure of Peter's mother-in-law, the parable of the mustard seed
About Mark? Was the first gospel to be written, invented gospel literary form; depicts Jesus as a suffering being and wants us to know and share in Jesus' suffering, His traditional symbol is a winged desert lion.
What is a political covenant? a treaty between nations or individuals
What is a biblical covenant? solemn agreement between God and His people, legally binding on both sides and confirms by offering sacrifice to God by a solemn ritual
What is Yom Kippur? day of fasting and repentance for sin
About Matthew? Thinks of Jesus as a great lawgiver and teacher and his symbol is a winged human figure.
About Luke? gospel written by a Gentile rather than a Jew, was a companion of Saint Paul, is sensitive towards women, traditional symbol is a winged Ox
About John? ss
What is Galilee? where Jesus lived, one of the regions of Israel who gave its name to the Sea of Galilee
What is Judea? south of Samaria and the center of Jewish worship, where Jerusalem and its Temple were located, political capital and the seat of religious authority
What is Nazareth? located in Galilee, where Jesus grew up
What is Bethlehem? the town where Jesus was born
What is Sepphoris? the main city of the region during New Testament times
What is Aramaic? the common language for business and government throughout the entire area of the Near East including Israel, Syria and Mesopotamia
What is infancy narratives? the accounts of Jesus’ conception, birth, and infancy
What is a precursor? a “forerunner” or someone who comes immediately before another person and indicates that person’s approach
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