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Rubenstein Ch. 5

Rubenstein Human Geography Ch. 5 Language

What is the Anatolian Hearth Theory? The spread of language through agriculture.
What is a lingua franca? A language mutally understood and commonly used in trade by people who have different native languages.
Define a language family: A collection of individuals languages with a common ancestors
Define a language branch: A group of common languages that share a common origin but evolved into different languages.
A language group is... several individual languages within a languase branch.
What is the top spoken language? M. Chinese
Colonization caused... English to be spread through and widely used.
English is considered a Germanic Language
Modern English is a mix of German and French
Is Bulgarian a Romance language? No!
True/False? North Slavic is a group of the Balto-Slavic branch. False
What is the conquest theory? Warriors expanded their empire and took their language with them, causing the spreading of the language.
Roman Soldiers spoke... Vulgar Latin
Define Isogloss: Geographic boundary within which a lingustic feature changes.
Define accent: a non-standard pronunciation of language by a non native speaker.
Chinese is written in the form of ideograms.
Hebrew is a ______ language. revived
Latin is a ______ language. dead
The use of English in the French language is known as... Franglais
The people of the Republic of China encompass the language family Sino-Tibetan
True/False? Celtic is spoken frequently within the Indo-European family. False
Russian is part of the ______ language branch of the Indo-European family. Balto-Slavic