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Adenoidectomy- Adenoids
Adrenalectomy- Adrenal gland
Appendectomy- Appendix
Cecectomy- Cecum
Cholecystectomy- Gallbladder
Coccygectomy- Coccyx
Colectomy- Colon
Craniectomy- Skull
Cystectomy- Urinary bladder
Embolectomy- Embolus
Esophagectomy- Esophagus
Fistulectomy- Fistula
Ganglionectomy- Ganglion
Gastrectomy- Stomach
Glomectomy, Carotid Carotid body
Hemicolectomy- Half of colon
Hemorrhoidectomy- Hemorrhoids
Hydrocelectomy- Hydrocele
Hypophysectomy- Pituitary gland
Hysterectomy- Uterus
Laminectomy- Posterior vertebral arch
Laryngectomy- Larynx
Lobectomy- Lobe of lung or liver
Mastectomy- Breast
Mastoidectomy- Mastoid Cell
Myomectomy- Muscle tumor
Nephrectomy- Kidney
Neurectomy- Nerve
Oophorectomy- Ovary
Orchiectomy or orchidectomy Testicle
Pancreatectomy- Pancreas
Pericardiectomy- Pericardium
Pneumonectomy- Lung
Polypectomy- Polyp
Prostatectomy- Prostate gland
Salpingectomy- Fallopian tube
Salpingo-oophorectomy- Fallopian tube and ovary
Sequestrectomy- Necrotic bone
Splenectomy- Spleen
Stapedectomy- Staples
Sympathectomy- Sympathetic nerve
Thromboendarterectomy- Clot and lining of artery
Thyroidectomy- Thyroid gland
Tonsillectomy- Tonsils
Created by: alison.simpson