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Chapter 1

Common Roots

Arthr/o AR-throh Joint Arthroscope, arthritis
Cardi/o KAR-dee-oh Heart Cardiology, pericardium
Enter/o EN-ter-oh Small intestine Enteropathy, dysentery
Gastr/o GAS-tro Stomach Gastrointestinal, gastritis
Hepat/o he-PAH-toh Liver Hepatology, hepatitis
Neur/o NUR-oh Nerve Neurology, neuralgia
hem/o HEE-moh hemat/o heh-MAH-toh Blood Hemorrhage Hematoma
my/o MAI-oh Muscle Myocardial, mayalgia
Muscul/o MUS-kyoo-loh Muscle Musculoketetal, muscular
Angi/o AN-gee-oh Vessel (most commonly refers to blood vessels, but can also refers to blood vessels, but can also refer to other types of vessels as well.)
vas/o VAS-oh Vessel vasospasm, vasectomy
vascul/o VAS-kyoo-loh Vessel vasculopathy, vasculitis
derm/o DER-moh Skin dermoscopy, dermis
dermat/o der-MAT-oh Skin dermatology, dermatitis
cutane/o kyoo-TAY-nee-oh Skin subcutaneous
pneum/o NOO-moh Lung pneumotomy
pneumon/o noo-MAW-noh Lung pneumonia, pneumonitis
pulmon/o PUL-maw-noh Lung pulmonologist, cardiopulmonary
hydr/o HAI-droh water hydrophobia, dehydration
morph/o MOR-foh change morphology
myc/o MAI-koh fungus dermatomycosis
necr/o NEK-roh death necrosis
orth/o OR-thoh straight orthodontist
path/o PAH-thoh suffering, disease pathology
phag/o FAY-goh eat aphagia
plas/o PLAS-oh formation hyperplasia
py/o PAI-oh Pus pyorrhea,pyemia
scler/o SKLEH-roh hard scleroderma
sten/o STIH-noh narrowing stenosis
troph/o TROH-foh nourishment, development trophology, hypertrophy
xen/o ZEE-noh foreign xenograft
xer/o ZEH-roh dry xerosis, xerasia
Created by: NayNay22931
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