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Ch 8 MT Bingo

rhinitis inflammation of the nose
pulmonary pertaining to the lungs
pharyngitis inflammation of the throat
sputum material raised from inflamed membranes of the respiratory tract
antitussive the term for an agent that is used to prevent or relieve a cough
inspiration breathing air into the lungs
orthopnea respiratory condition in which there is discomfort in breathing in any position except sitting erect
spirometry the measurement of the amount of air taken into and expelled from the lungs
aphasia the inability to communicate through speech, writing or signs caused by improper functioning of the brain
embolism the sudden blocking of an artery by foreign material
pneumonia inflammation of the lungs
alveoli tiny air sacs through which the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place
pharynx throat
pulmonary lobectomy excision of a lobe of the lung
wheeze term for a whistling sound made during respiration
diaphragm the muscular wall that separates the abdomen from the thoracic cavity
pleura membrane that surrounds the lung
pneumocardial pertains to the heart and lungs
pneumonitis inflammation of the lungs
pulmonary edema effusion of fluid into the air spaces and tissue spaces of the lungs
epiglottis the lid-like structure that covers the voice box during the swallowing of food
asthma a respiratory condition characterized by paroxysmal dyspnea and wheezing
emphysema a chronic disease characterized by increased size of alveoli and destructive changes of their walls
apnea absence of breathing
laryngalgia painful larynx
paroxysmal a term for occurring in sudden, periodic attacks
phrenic pertaining to the diaphragm
pneumohemothorax air and blood in the pleural cavity
aphonia absence of voice
COPD a disease process that causes decreased ability of the lungs to perform their ventilatory function and can result from several other chronic disorders of the respiratory organs
bradypnea abnormally slow breathing
anoxia deficiency of oxygen
atelectasis a collapsed or airless condition of the lungs
trachea windpipe
thoracic pertaining to the chest
nasoplasty plastic surgery of the nose
dyspnea labored or difficult breathing
ventilator machine for prolonged artificial respiration
Created by: MrsSlagter