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Radiology Vocabulary

cineradiography use of motion picture techniques during fluoroscopy
computed tomography CT / cross-section image of a specific body segment is produced
contrast studies materials are injected to obtain contrast with surrounding tissue
fluorescence emission of glowing light
fluoroscopy x-rays produce flurescent image
gamma camera machine to detect radiopharmaceuticals in body
gamma rays high-energy rays emitted by radioactive ubstances
half-life time required for a radioactive substance to lose half its radioactivity
interventional radiology therapeutic procedures performed by a radiologist
in vitro measured or observed outside a living organism
in vivo measured or observed in a living organism
ionization transformation of electrically neutral substances into electrically charged ones
labeled compound radiopharmaceutical
magnetic resonance MR / magnetic field to form sagittal, coronal, and axial images
nuclear medicine medical specialty / studies uses of radioactive substances in diagnosis
positron emission tomography PET / radioactive substances given IV and emit positrons
radioimmunoassay test combines use of radioactive chemicals and antibodies to detect substances in blood
radioisotope radioactive form of a substance
radiolucent permitting the passage of most x-rays
radionuclide radioactive chemical element
radiopaque obstructing the passage of x-rays
radiopharmaceutical radioactive drug / administered safely
roentgenology study of x-rays
scan term for images of organs, parts, or transverse sections
scintigraphy two dimensional images after administration of radiopharmaceutical imaging agent
SPECT single-photon emission computed tomography
tagging attaching radionuclide to chemical and following thru body
tracer studies radionuclides used as tags and followed thru body
ultrasound high frequency sound waves echo off parts of body
uptake rate of absorption of radionuclide into organ or tissue
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