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The failure of bone marrow to produce erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets is called; A. Leukoplakia B. Leukemia C. Hemolytic Anemia D. Aplastic Anemia E. Sickle Cell Anemia D. Aplastic Anemia
A prolapse of one section of the intestine into the Lumen of another segment, causing intestinal blockage is called; A. Volvulus B. Diverticulosis C. Chron's Disease D. Luminescence E. Intussusception E. Intussusception
Cancer and which of the following sites is the leading cause of cancer death in males? A. Lung B. Kidney C. Prostate D. Colon E. Pancreas A. Lung
Which of the following terms mean inflammation of the inner lining and valves of the heart? A. Valnulitis B. Percarditis C. Endocarditis D. Myocarditis E. Vasculitis C. Endocarditis
Type A blood has: A. Type A antigens B. Type A and B antigens C. Neither type A or type B antigens D. Type B antigens E. Type A antibodies A. Type A antigens
Which of the following colors indicate specific hazards such as radioactivity? A. Yellow B. White C. Red D. Green E. Blue B. White
Which of the following can be measured with a urinometer? A. PH B. Albumin C. Glucose D. Specific Gravity E. Keytone D. Specific Gravity
The most common cyanotic cardiac defeat is; A. Tetralogy of fallot B. Paten ductus arteriosus C. Ventricular Septal defects D. Coarctation of the aorta E. Angina Pectoris A. Tetralogy of Fallot
Vitiligo is a condition that affects which of the following body systems? A. Endocrine B. Reproductive C. Integumentary D. Digestive E. Respiratory C. Integumentary
Chronic glumerulonephritis and renal failure my both result in: A. Cystitis B. Uremia C. Dehydration D. An Enlarged prostate E. Hirschsprung's Disease B. Uremia
Episodic vasospasm of the small cutaneous arteries, usually located in the finger, is known as: A. Phlebitis B. Thrombosis C. Beurger's Disease D. Raynaud's Disease E. Varicose veins D. Raynaud's Disease
The first MMR vaccination should be given to a child by which of the following ages: A. At birth B. 6 to 7 months C. 12 to 15 months D. 2 to 4 months E. 4 to 6 years C. 12 to 15 months
Which of the following is the most appropriate needle guard for a subcutaneous injection? A. 22 B. 18 C. 25 D. 16 E. 20 C. 25
Which of the following is a form of payment that must be signed by a bank representative? A. Counter Check B. Cashier's Check C. Certified Check D. Money Order E. Travler's Check B. Cashier's Check
Which of the following is the most common disease or condition of the urinary system::: A renal atrophy B pyelonephritis C. renal failure D. nephrotic syndrome hydronephrosis E. Hydronephrosis B. Pyelonephritis
Chronic dilation and distention of the bronchial wall is called? A. Bronchiectasis B. Atelectasis C. Hemotysis D. Bronchitis E. Pheumoconiosis A. Bronchiectasis
Which of the following suffixes mean weakness? A. Asthenia B. - tomy C. - trophy D. Phasia E. Algia A. Asthenia
Which of the following is the most appropriate initial step before placing instruments in an autoclave? A. Sanitizing B. Sterilization C. Drying D. Disinfecting E. Rinsing A. Sanitizing
hydrogen peroxide is an example of a(n)? A. Bacteriostatic agent B. Sepsis C. Antiseptic D. A septic E. Antisepsis C. Antiseptic
All of the following factors May influence the cycle involved in the spread of infectious disease except? A. Means of exit B. Susceptible Host C. Interferons D. Means of transmission E. Means of entrance C. Interferons
Viruses are; A. the same thing as bacteria B. the same thing as fungus C. visible to the naked eye D. simpler than bacteria E. complex disease causing organisms D. Simpler than bacteria
The degree to which an microorganism is pathogenic, is known as? A. Resistance B. Pathogen C. Infective dose D. Tetany E. Virulence E. Virulence
A physician orders 1g of medication that is available in 500 mg / 5 ml. Which of the following is the correct dosage? A. 5 ml B. 10 ml C. 0.5 ml D. 7.5 ml E. 2.5 ml B. 10 mL
Uplifts are defined as? A. stressors B. B c and d C. Minor positive events D. Events that make you feel good capital E. Stress reducers B. B, C, and D
Which personality approach assumes that personality is determined by the unique way in which each individual views the world? A. psychodynamic B.humanistic C. trait D. Object relations and cognitive B. Humanistic
Reduction of the number of microorganisms on an object to a fairly small and safe level is called: A. Antisepsis b. Sterilization C. Disinfection D. Antiseptic E. Sanitization E. Sanitization
If a virus has a bacterial host it is called: A. bacteriophage B.none of these C. bacteriostatic or bactericidal D. bacteriostatic E.bactericidal A. Bateriophage
An organism that obtains its nutrients from dead organic matter is called: a. Chlamydia B. Saprophyte c. Mycoplasma d. Diplococcus a. Protozoon B. Saprophyte
The bacterium Escherichia Coli can cause? A. pneumonia B. Urinary infections C.chancroid D. gonorrhea E. Arthritis B. Urinary Infections
In the Chain of Infection, bacteria are classified as which of the following? A. Means of transmission B. Reservoir host C. Portals of exit D. Portals of Entry e. Infectious agents E. Infectious agents
Which of the following is needed to perform a monospot test? A. Agar Plate B. Serum antigen C. Urine reagent strip D. Gram's stain E. Tube with a green top B. Serum antigen
Microbes that can grow either with or without oxygen are called: A. Obligate anaerobes B. Anaerobes C. Facultative anaerobes D. Aerobic E. Aerobes C. Facultative Anaerobes
Spiral-shaped bacteria are called: A. Sarcinae B. Diplococci C. Cocci D. Spirilla E. Bacilli D. Spirilla
Sterilization is: A .a substance that destroys or kills bacteria B. a substance for inhibiting the growth of microorganisms C. none of these D. a technique for destroying all microorganisms and their spores E.the process of destroying normal flora D. A technique for destroying all microorganisms and their spores
Which of the following microorganisms is a grape-like cluster? A. Spirochete B. Streptococci C. Vibrio Cholera D. Staphylococci E. Veisseria gonorrhea D. Staphylococci
Which of the following items are kept in a Tickler file? A .patient records for filing B. reminder for equipment maintenance C. warranties and purchase requisitions D. physician letters E.patient Insurance records B. Reminder for equipment maintenance
A substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria is said to be: A.bactericidal B. anaerobic C. Symbiotic D. Bacteriostatic E. sterile D. Bateriostatic
Which of the following is not true of the gram staining procedure? iodine solution B. The stain used is Crystal violet works for all bacteria D.differentiates between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria(e) some bacteria lose the stain C. It works for all bacteria
A carrier of causative organism that can transmit disease to non-infected individuals is called a: A. Vector B. Protozoon C. Virus D. Viron E. Bacterium A. Vector
Which of the following substances is a flammable disinfectant? A. Chlorine B. 70% alcohol C. Hydrogen peroxide D. Iodine B. 70% alcohol
Patient dismissal letters should be sent by which of the following types of mail? A. Private mail service B. 1st Class C. Certified D. Priority C. Certified
The proofreaders mark " a" indicates which of the following? A. Use capital letters B. Omit Space C. Begin new paragraphs D.Insert hyphen D. Add number C. Begin new paragraph
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