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Cookie vocab

Blend To fold or mix two or more ingredeints together
Disher Utensil used to evenly portion drop cookie dough by size and weight
Dough Mixture of ingredients which is thick enough to hold shape when dropped from a spoon as in drop cookies
Dust To lightly cover with flour to prevent sticking
Knead To handle with a pressing, folding and stretching motion
Moist Containing some liquid or moisture; not dry
Overmixing Excessive blending of ingredients which can result in a tough cookie product
Parchment Special type of paper used to line a baking pan
Pastry bag Utensil used to bag out soft dough coookies
Pinwheel Type of ice box cookie made from two or more colors of dough which have been layered and rolled
Roll To flatten a dough with a rolling pin
Scaling Weighing ingredientsor doughs with a scale
Scrape To remove clinging dough from the sides and bottom of a mixing bowl or other container
Sift To pass a dry ingredient or a mixture of dry ingredients through a sieve or sifter
Stamper Utensil used to shape cookies by flattening them
Texture The character of the internal cell structure
Tough Firm in texture; not easily chewed
Drop Type of stiff dough that is dropped by a spoon or disher
Ice box Type of cookie for which very stiff dough is shaped before refrigeration and then cut to desired proportions and baked
Bar Cookies that are shaped, or cut to size, after they have been baked
Twice baked cookies Cookies made of dough that is formed into a log, shaped and baked; sliced and baked a second time; crisp texture
Cut out cookies Cookies that are made of stiff dough that is rolled out flat and then cut into decorative shapes using cookie cutters
Stenciled cookies Cookies that are made with batter that is spread very thin and bakes without losing it's shape; while warm they can be formed to take different shapes
Created by: mlbevins