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LASOM AG History

LASOM AG History, Missions and Governance

QuestionAnswerAnswer Answer
1. List three doctrinal differences of early Pentecostals. a. tongues as required evidence of Spirit baptism b. nature of sanctification c. understanding of the Godhead: (Trinitarian vs. Oneness)
2. When did the first Pentecostal revival of the twentieth century occur? January 1901
3. Where did the first Pentecostal revival of the twentieth century occur? Bethel Bible School in Topeka, Kansas
4. By whom was the first Pentecostal revival of the twentieth century led? Charles F. Parham
5. What African-American was a prominent leader of the Azusa Street Revival? William J. Seymour
6. Whose view of sanctification as a progressive work of grace had a profound impact on the first General Council of the Assemblies of God? William H. Durham
7. List five hopes for the organizational unity sought by the Pentecostal believers gathered in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in April 1914. a. a greater unity among churches b. Conserve the work at home and abroad c. Lead to a better system for supporting Missionaries d. Encourage local congregations to charter with a biblical name e. Start a new Bible training school
8. Under what name did the delegates of the Hot Springs Council incorporate? General Council of the Assemblies of God
9. What concept has been a hallmark of the Assemblies of God since its beginning? Voluntary cooperation
10. Who was selected as the first general chairman (superintendent) of the Assemblies of God? E. N. Bell
11. Formulated and adopted by the 1916 General Council, the Statement of Fundamental Truths was primarily a response to what doctrinal disagreement? The biblical understanding of the Trinity.
12. Write the statement of Council Secretary John Welch, made in 1920 and referring to home and foreign missions. “The General Council of the Assemblies of God was never meant to be an institution; it is just a missionary agency.”
13. What was the first department established by the General Council in 1919? Missionary Department
14. Who was appointed as the first full-time missionary secretary-treasurer? J. Roswell Flower
15. Who was North America’s best-known evangelist during the Roaring Twenties, and founder of one of the first megachurches in the United States? Aimee Simple McPherson
16. What unwed female missionary founded a world-famous ministry to Egyptian orphans? Lillian Trasher
17. List the tenets of the Christian and Missionary Alliance fourfold gospel that would become the four cardinal doctrines of the Assemblies of God. a. Christ as Savior, b. Christ as Sanctifier (Baptizer in the Holy Spirit) c. Christ as Healer d. Christ as coming King
18. What need convinced a majority of Assemblies of God ministers to approve a constitution and bylaws in 1927? The need for accountability and teamwork.
19. What realization made the approval of a constitution and bylaws in 1927 to fill the need for accountability and teamwork? They realized that the Spirit could also speak through Council votes and committee decisions.
20. What justified the increasing number of church organizational structures? To aid in the development and effectiveness of various ministries.
21. What missions program began in 1944 as a means to channel the efforts of youth into raising funds for missionary transportation and equipment? Speed the Light - 1944
22. Who was appointed missionary secretary in 1927 and developed the Fellowship’s first mission’s policy manual? Noel Perkin
23. Ralph Williams’ contribution to foreign missions centered on what? a. applying indigenous church principles b. pioneering quality training for pastors and leaders
24. Who wrote Knowing the Doctrines of the Bible, described as “the theological jewel of classic Pentecostalism’s middle period”? Myer Pearlman
25. What started the “New Order of the Latter Rain” movement? The "New Order" began with a revival at the Sharon Orphanage and Schools in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada.
26. List four erroneous views of Latter Rain proponents considered by Assemblies of God leaders to be contrary to scriptural teaching. a. The impartation of the spiritual gifts through the laying on of hands b. Restoration of apostles and prophets as part of local church leadership c. Personal prophecies of guidance given to individuals d. Expectancy of the Spirit’s dispensing languages for missionary evangelism
27. What was the response of the General Council in 1949 to the Latter Rain movement? They listed abuses in the movement and condemned the all.
28. According to Ernest S. Williams, what is the true test of any movement? “Whether or not it will stand up under the light of the Word of God.
29. What two ministries initiated in the 1960s have made significant contributions to home and foreign missions? a. Mobilization and Placement Service (MAPS) b. Ambassadors in Mission (AIM)
30. What 1968 event successfully clarified the mission of the Assemblies of God? Council on Evangelism - 1968
31. Noting that the Assemblies of God was brought into being by the Spirit “as an instrument of divine purpose in these end times,” the Declaration of St. Louis stated what three emphases for the Fellowship? a. God’s purposes for humankind b. The triune mission of the Church c. The importance of strongly encouraging believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit
32. What drug rehabilitation program resulted from the ministry of David Wilkerson? Teen Challenge
33. According to the text, the vision, dynamism, and growth of Pentecostal churches have been determined to a great degree by the pastor. What expectations have Assemblies of God congregations had for their pastors? a. Spirit-led worship leaders b. Powerful preachers c. Prayer warriors d. Competent administrators e. Skilled counselors f. Devoted marriage partners g. Caring parents with perfect children h. Models of integrity
34. Former African missionary field director Morris Williams stated that what entity “is the only hope of reaching all the lost in our generation”? A truly indigenous church.
35. What missionary was murdered by rebels in the Belgian Congo in 1964 rocked the Assemblies of God and reminded its missionary personnel that martyrdoms could still occur in the twentieth century? J. W. Tucker
36. Whose ministry as Revival time speaker spanned 25 years and 1300 broadcasts? C.M. Ward
37. Speaking at the Conference of the Holy Spirit in 1982, Dennis Bennett warned against what two extremes that reflected a long-standing debate among evangelical Christians? a. Withdrawing from the world because of its evil b. Plunging so deeply into social activism as to leave the gospel behind
38. List the fourfold strategy of the Assemblies of God world mission’s agency, as stated by executive director Loren Triplett in 1994. a. The widest possible evangelization of the spiritually lost through every available means b. The establishment of indigenous churches after the New Testament pattern c. The training of national believers to proclaim the gospel to their own people and to other nations d. The showing of compassion for suffering people in a manner representing the love of Jesus Christ
39. What four international ministries developed after the Council on Evangelism in 1968 helped to mobilize Assemblies of God world missions? a. International Correspondence Institute ICI – (Now Global University) b. International Media Ministries c. Center for Ministry to Muslims d. HealthCare Ministries
40. Write the definition given in the text for the General Presbytery. The national body of representatives from each district that serves as a court of appeals in matters of ministerial discipline and establishes policy on major issues between General Council sessions.
41. Revival phenomena (manifestations) have varied as a result of what factors? a. Cultural b. Social c. Doctrinal
42. What positions are considered General Council Executive/Corporate Officers? a. General Superintendent b. Assistant General Superintendent c. General Secretary d. General Treasurer
45. What are two rights of a General Council affiliated assembly? 1. Right of self-government 2. Right of appeal
46. In what matters are they (affiliated assemblies) to be subordinate to the General Council and district council? a. Doctrine b. Conduct
47. What are two ways the assemblies are to be safeguarded? a. Pastors and leaders approve anyone that wants to teach/lead/minister/pastor. They should be denied until their spiritual integrity and reliability have been vetted. Should only use AG credentialed ministers b. No minister that has been dismissed by the AG should be allowed to pastor. Pastors and districts should exchange information about dismissed ministers.
48. Who is authorized by the General Council to perform the ordinances and ceremonies of the church? All ordained, licensed, and certified ministers holding current ministerial credentials. A person holding a local church credential can perform sacerdotal functions if authorized in writing by the senior pastor of the local church issuing the credential
49. What is the General Council’s position on the eligibility of women for ministry? Scripture plainly states that women can be involved in all areas of ministry. Men and women have the same requirements to meet to be involved in ministry at every level.
50. What are the general requirements for a certified minister? 1. They shall show promise of usefulness in the gospel work 2. They shall devote a part of their time to Christian ministry and, at the discretion of the district credentials committee 3. Remain under the supervision of a pastor or a designated supervisor 4. Show evidence of a divine call 5. They shall preach at least 12 times a year or be actively engaged in some other aspect of ministry except in the case of ill health or advanced age.
51. Define inactive minister. All ordained and licensed ministers who shall have preached less than 15 times, and certified ministers who shall have preached less than 12 times, within a period of 1 year or have not been actively engaged in some other aspect of ministry shall have their names placed upon the inactive list for the following year.
52. What is the expiration date of all fellowship certificates (ministerial credentials)? December 31 of each year
53. How often must they be renewed? Annually
54. Whose responsibility is the renewing of credentials? The credential holder
55. Ministers who do not receive their annual renewal form by December 1 should do what? Contact the District Office
56. What is the status of a credentialed minister who makes affiliation with another church organization? His or her credentials with The General Council of the Assemblies of God shall be terminated. An investigation shall be made to determine the proper category of termination.
57. What is the obligation of an Assemblies of God minister in the area of privileged communications? Encouraged not to disclose such confidential information except with the permission of the confidant, to prevent the commission of a crime, or if required by law.
58. What is the General Council position concerning setting a date for the Lord’s return? It is unwise to teach that the Lord will come at some specified time, thereby setting a date for His appearing.
59. What must an Assemblies of God credential holder minister retain in order to minister in a non-Assemblies of God church? a. Assemblies of God doctrine b. standard of holiness c. proper attitudes d. proper ministerial conduct without compromise.
60. What responsibility does an Assemblies of God minister have to the district if they desire to minister in a non-Assemblies of God church? Confer with district council officials
61. How shall a minister respond if they do not have district approval for ministry in a non-Assemblies of God church? refrain from conducting services for the church.
62. List ALL 14 potential causes for disciplinary action. 1. Moral failure involving sexual misconduct. 2. Moral failure involving pornography. 3. Any moral or ethical failure other than sexual misconduct. 4. General inefficiency in the ministry. 5. A failure to represent our Pentecostal testimony correctly. 6. A contentious or non-cooperative spirit. 7. An assumption of dictatorial authority over an assembly. 8. An arbitrary rejection of district council. 9. A declared open change in doctrinal view. 10. A habit of running into debt which brings reproach upon the gospel. 11. A marriage in violation of our stand on marriage and divorce. 12. Violations of ministerial courtesy. 13. Ministry without prior approval in a non-Assemblies of God church. 14. An improper attitude toward those dismissed from the Fellowship.
43. What three things are expected in the relationship between the district council and the General Council? a. shall not violate the Constitution or Bylaws of The General Council of the Assemblies of God. b. shall watch against any violation of the principles of spiritual unity and cooperative fellowship c. shall be amenable to The General Council of the Assemblies of God in matters of doctrine and the discipline of ministers.
44. What are the seven requirements for a church wishing to affiliate with the General Council? 1. Accept the tenets of faith of the Assemblies of God 2. Adopt a standard of membership that may be determined either by the local assembly or by agreement with the District Council. 3. Have a minimum active voting membership of 20 persons who shall accept responsibility to maintain scriptural order in the local body. 4. Adopt Articles of Incorporation, a constitution or bylaws compatible with models recommended by the district Council, or district approved governance models that provide for adequate accountability amenability, and safeguard so that a pastor and/ or governing body cannot directly or indirectly exert dictatorial control over a church. 5. Have an adequate number of spiritually qualified members to fill the offices of the church called for in its constitution or bylaws 6. Make provision for a pastor who is credentialed minister in good standing with the General Council and District Council 7. Demonstrate a willingness to contribute to AG missions.
Created by: NICJOLLEY
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