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Medical Term mod 1

Medical Term Chapter 13

phalang/0 Finger, toe
pharyng/O Throat
phas/o speach
phot/o light
-plasty surgical repair
path/o, -pathy disease, suffering, feeling, emotion
peps/i, -pepsia, pept/o digest
peri- surrounding, around
-pexy surgical fixation
phag/o eat , swallow
pan- entire, every, all
palpat/o feel, touch, stroke
-otomy cutting surgical incision
-ostomy surgically creating an opening
oss/e, oss/i, oste/o bone
ob- against
-oid like, resembling
-oma, onc/o tumor
-osis abnormal condition, disease
opt/i, opt/o, optic/o, ophthalm/o eye, vision
-graphy producing a picture or record
-gram a picture or record
gloss/o tounge
gingiv/o gums
-genic,genesis creation, reproduction
gynec/o woman
hemi- half
hidr/o sweat
hypn/o sleep
-ian,-iatrist specialist
intro- within, inside
intoxic/o to put poison in
inguin/o groin
infra- below, beneath
illusi/o deception
kines/o, kinesi/o, -kinesia,-kinesis motion
kerat/o hard, cornea
jugul/o throat
-ism condition
ir/i, ir/o, irid/o, irit/o colored part of eye
erythem/o, erythemat/o flushed, redness
epi- above, upon on
end-, endo- in within inside
-emesis vomiting
-edema swelling
-ectomy surigcal removal
gastr/o stomach
ech/o sound
dys- bad, difficult
-dynia pain
di- twice, twofold, double
galact/o milk
fibul/o fibula
fet/i, fet/o fetus, unborn child
femor/o thigh bone
febr/i fever
extrem/o, extremit/o outermost, extremities
eu- good, normal
eti/o cause
erythr/o red
Created by: natz16