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ReligionMidterm 1/14

Gentiles non-jewish people
gothic architecture The style that most cathedrals were built in; T
Reformed Religion John Calvin 1530 switzerlandBeliefs: Rejected The Pope;Outlawed Drinking gamblking ect.; Attendence at Church was required; Mass was rejected; Minster could be married; Bible Supreme Authority;Predestination
Avignon Papacy 1307-1377 center of the Christan Church moved to Avignon, France ; Underneath the rule of the French King
John Calvin 1509-1564 French Protestant Leader you formed his own religion after breaking away from Protestant/Luteran
Catherine of Siena Convicned the Pope to come back to Rome; First Female Doctor of the Church
John Knox 1514-1572 drove the Catholic Monarch and set up the Presbyterian Church of Scottland; Brought the Reformed Religion to Scottland
Reformation to seek a better change
Great Schism 1054
Martin Luther Priest and Monk;Saw Abuses in the Church; German and UptightWrote the 95 theses and posted the on the Church Door in Wittenburg
Ecumenical Council a world wide conciel
95 Theses Posted by Martin Luther; 95 agurement against the Church's Abuses
Zwingli Started a new Religon called Anabaptist because he did not believe in baptism (now what is omish today)
Predestination The Belief that God already deciedes who is going to Heaven and Hell ~Calvinist Belief
Renaissance The Re-Birth of Eroupe
Henry VIII King that worte the book Defense of the 7 sacraments; Pope crowned him The Defender of the Faith
Mendicant begging; living a life of poverty
Humanism wanted religious education; deeply toublved by the ignorance and corruption they saw within the church
Anglicanism King HenryVIII 1540s EnglandBeliefs: Reject pope; Rejec t Presence of Christ in Communion; Replaced Mass with English service;All scaramewnt remanied;priests were allowed to be marries
Franciscan An Order of Monks; Started by Fransic of Assisi
Thomas More martyr; humanist
Lutheranism MArtin Luther 1517 GermanyBeliefs: Salavtion was though Jesus alone; Priests were married; Relpaced mass with Communion services;Active Particaption; No religious orders;Eucharist and Baptism; No Pope
Dominican Order of Monks; Known as the Order of Preachers
Erasmus Dutch Priest; Scolar; published New Testament in Latin and Greek
Indulgences prayers and tasks that shortened peanances
Friar a monk who worked out of a monastary; lived a life of poverty
John Fisher Bishop; Martyr; Humanist
Mother Teresa A woman who was a nun in India; insisted that she worked outside of the monastry; started her own order of nuns The Missonaries of Charity
Poor Clares order of nuns started by Clare Of Assisi; Female verison of the Fransicans
Pope John Paul II ( Karol Wojtyla) Became Pope at age 58; Longest regin as Pope; Started Youth Ministry; Befreind and Apoligized to the Jewish People
Benedictine Type of Monastic Life; were strict; focused on work study and prayer very little idle time
Constantine emporor that stopped the persucution of Christians; Signed the Edict og Milan
Gnosticism/ gnostics Heries: everything physical or matieral was evil; denied Jesus was human; claimed to have special knowleadgeChuch Counicel: Charlcedon451 "Jesus is both Human and Divine
Thomas Aquinas Church Thinker; Wrote the Summa Theologica
Edict of Milan Papers that offical ended the Persuction of Christians
Augustine was a non-believer~converted~one of the best Theologians of the Church
Summa Theologica written by Thomas Aquinas- Stated that Reason and Faith can be on the same side
Anabaptist Huldrych Zwingli 1520 Switerland Beliefs: Chirst wasnt present in the Eucharist; Rejected Veneration of Saints;Rejected infant baptism; Only adult baptism; Rejected all Sacaraments;No Pope
Jerome Translated the Bible into Latin
Motijil The Garbage dump were mother Teresa did her work
Colomba coverted scottland 500s
Boniface converted Germany/Scandinavia 600s 700s
Milvian Bridge The night before this battle Constatine saw a Chi Rio in the Sky and heard a voice say "In this Sign You Will Win"; Effect: Stopped Persuctuion
Trinity 3persons in 1God
Patrick Brought the Catholic Religion to Ireland (5th century)
Paul spreaad of Christianity to Non-Jews~ 3missonary journeys~50AD council of Jerusalem-if the converts had to become Jewish before becoming Christian
Barnabas baptized Saul/Paul
Acts of the Apostles Tells about the days of the Early Church
Bishop --In Charge of the Diocese --Ordains Priests --Assigns Priest to Parishes and other Ministries as needed --sets up religious policly --Decides to open/close a school/parish --Leadership/Teaching role in his diocese --can minster all Sacraments
Crusades wars fought over the Holy Lands
seminary The school for priests where they went to learn priestly things
Benedict Started the Benedictiene Monastries
Monasticism Heries- The world was about to end;denied the forgivness of sins and need for matieral goodsSolved-no church conicuel needed
Arianism Heries-Denied the divinty of Jesus and of the Holy SpiritSolved-Nicea 325/Constantinople 381-Jesus and The Holy Spirit are one with God
Nestorianism Heries-Belived that Jesus wa 2 persons ; said that Mary was the Mother of Jesus , not "God"Solved-Ephesus 431 " Mary isthe Mother of God ; Jesus is one person with 2 natures"
diocese An area if land that contains parishes within it
parish a community that worships at and belongs to a particular church
Ordination the scarement where a man becomes a priest
Nicene Creed Statement of Beliefs written during the Council of Nicaea and ConstantinopleSee Packet
What were the Things that Monasteries did for socity? 1.shelter for travlers services for the ill 3.medicines from their herb garden 4. Mass and Scaraments 5.Copied acinet books 6.Orphanages for children for boys
What was the Benedictine Rule? 1. Abbot/father 2.Labor would be changed on a regular basis by certian "offices" 3.Certian times for praying,rising,eating,working,talking ect. 4.all work would have a purpose
What did St.Paul do to spred the Good Word? He spread the word of God to gentiles
What did the Franiscans do? order of monks that lived and worked with the poverty and lived a life of poverty; Started by Fransic of Assisi
What did the Dominicans do? Order of Preachers
What did the Benedictines do? Copied Books; Took over when rome fell
What did the Poor Clares do? order of nuns that worked and lived in poverty; started by Clare of Assisi
Describe the Avignon Papacy? Corput; many Popes; Decrease in Faith
Why was the Avigon Papacy a problem? There was many men claiming to be Pope all at the same time
What were the Causes for the Fall of Rome? 1 Got to big 2. Got too Corrupt 3. Got to military 4. Tribal People were brought into the empire 5.Violent
What were the Results? 1. Church became leaders 2. Church took over goverment 3.people gathered in small comunities 4. Feudalism began 5. Rise od Monastic Life
What is Pentecost? Decent of the Holy Spirit; Apostles are Stregthened;Apostles preach in jerusalem; Birthday of the Church
Saul's Converison? Converted on the way to Damcus; Becomes strong Christian Follower + Changes name to Paul
What was the Council of Jerusalem? Had to diecide weather or not to have non-jewish people become jewish first and then ChristianResult- No the did not need to become jewish first
Why did the Romans persucut the Christians? 1.Wouldnt Fight 2.Refused to pay Taxes to Pagans 3. Refused to worship Pagans 4.Thought to bring bad luck 5. thought to be Cannibals
What did the Edict of Milan do? Stopped Persuction of All Christians
What are the Renaissances?Characteristics? The Re-Birth of Europe-- Arts Sciences and Cathedrals
See Church Fathers
See Nicene Creed Packet
Created by: nugget333
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