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Job Success

Reasons why people work Satisfaction, Support self, Acceptance of peers, Power, Wealth, Goal achievement
Ways to get along with the public Be courteous, tactful, sincere, helpful,tolerant, cheerful, be interested on others, Watch what you say
Attitude Way which one acts and feels about people, things and ideas
Personality Outward expression of one's true self
Human relations Continuous process of getting along with people
Morale State of mind that reflects one's attitude
Team Spirit Work done willingly be a group of people, each doing his/her share
Factors which influence job success Personal health and grooming, human relations
Adaptablility Adjusting easily to new situation
Cooperation working in harmony with others
Courtesy Being polite and acting with good manners
Dependability Doing what one has said will be done and completing duties
Enthusiasm Being eager to help or to take part in some activity
Honesty Being truthful in all things
Initiative Doing things without being told
Loyalty Being able to keep confidences and avoid gossop
Patience Taking time to do things right
Self control Being able to control one's temper and emotions
Tact Being able to say the right thing at the right time
Expectation of employer Loyality,Good working relations, honest, cooperation
Expectation of employee Money,job security, recognition of accomplishment, safe working conditions
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