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wound healing,drainage and body defense

adhesion union of 2 surfaces or structures that are normally separate
allergen any substance that brings on the manifestations of an allergy
allergy abnormal hypersensitivity by an individual to 1 or more substance
antigen a substance which induces the formation of antibodies; may be introduced into the body or formed w/in the body
antitoxin an antibody capable of neutralizing a specific toxin
attenuated less virulent; diluted; weakened
cicatrix scar left by a healed wound
clean-contaminated primary closure, wound drain, minor break in aseptic technique occurred. no inflammation
closed skin is intact, but underlaying tissue is injured
collagen white protein contained in the connective tissues and bones
contaminated open fresh traumatic wound of less than 4 hrs old or major break in aseptic technique
debridement removal of foreign material; cutting away dead/devitalized tissues; open, clean wound where anaerobic organisms cannot survive
dirty & infected old traumatic wound over 4 hrs old, from a dirty source or the presence of neuroic tissue, fecal matter
disruption when the orderly closure of a wound is altered; usually suture lines break down, decreasing support of abdominal wall over peritoneal contents
endotoxins bacterial toxins which are liberated only when the bacterial cell is destroyed
fibrinogen constituent of blood that aids in coagulation
granulation formation of new tissue, composed largely of newly growing capillaries which form in types of wounds left open
granulation tissue fibrous connective tissue containing blood vessels and lymphatics; not visible in 1st intention healing
hemotoma tumor or swelling which contains blood
hemostasis control of bleeding
immune response the production of antibodies in response to the presence of a corresponding antigen
immune not susceptible or responsive to a disease or having a high degree of resistance to a disease
immunization process of rendering a patient immune
ischemia decrease of blood supply to tissue
keloid dense, unsightly connective tissue or excessive scar fromation; removed surgically
macrophage type of WBC's the engulfs
necrosis death of tissue cells
open, clean skin is broken & the object or condition surrounding the injury are relatively clean
open, complicated skin/underlying tissue are injured or destroyed by crushing, burning or implantation of a foreign object
open, simple skin is broken, but the underlying tissue is uninjured
sero-sanguinous blood-tinged or colored serous drainage
serum watery fluid taken from the blood of an animal rendered immune against a pathogenic organism which is injected into a pt to protect against the disease resulting from a pathogenic organism
surgical incision caused by a purposful cut thru intact skin
toxin a poisonous substance
toxoid a toxin treated so as to destroy its toxicity, but still capable of inducing formation of antibodies on injection
trauma injury to body tissue produced by violence of any chemical, thermal or other extrinsic agent
traumatic injury caused by chemical, thermal or other factors
vaccination inoculation w/a vaccine
vaccine suspension of infectious agents given to establish resistance to an infectious disease
1st intention healing healing is by primary union
2nd intention healing wound is not closed
3rd intention healing similar to second intention healing except wound is sutured, either delayed or secondary
2nd or 3rd intention healing healing may produce a weak union, which may be conducive to incisional heriation later
basic types of wounds chronic wound, surgical incision, traumatic injury
clean wound elective procedure; wound made under ideal conditions, primary closure, no drain, no breaks in aseptic tech, no inflammation, alimentary, genitourinary or resp. tract or oropharyngeal cavities are not entered
contaminated wound open fresh traumatic wound less than 4 hrs old, 1-5% infection rate, acute, nonpurulent inflammation present, entry into biliary or genitourinary tracts w/infected bile or urine present
puncture a hole, wound, or perforation made by puncturing
laceration a torn and ragged wound w/irregular edges
healing & pt physical condition wound healing is impaired by deficiencies in zinc, protein, carbohydrates & vit. a,b,c; radiation in large doses preoperatively slows the healing process; carbs are necessary in healing
eventration partial protrusion of the abdominal contents thru a opening in the abdominal wall
antibody protein substance developed by the body in response to the presence of an antigen that counteracts the antigen
immunology study of the immune system
artificially acquired passive immunity antibodies produced elsewhere are injected in the form of immune serums
bougie instrument for exploring and dilating canals, especially the male urethra & the esophagus
drain exit for discharge of abnormal fluid accumulations or to draw off fluid
lumen hollow opening thru a tube or catheter
catheters use to allow a method for insulation, drainage, irragation & medication
drains used to prevent hematomas; may be placed in the cavity and exteriorized thru a seperate stab wound
tubes used to decompress the GI tract
Penrose drain uses capillary action as the drainage mechanism
T-tube used for common bile duct exploration
levine tube single lumen tube used for gastric decompression connected to gravity drainage or intermittent suction
3 primary parts of a tracheostomy tube obturator, outer cannula tube, inner cannula tube
pharyngeal airway tube is inserted thru the mouth
chest tube is not used to drain esophageal abscesses; are always connected to an underwater seal drainage system
pleur-evac is a self-contained drainage system units
common inhalant allergen dust,perfume,pollen,chocolate,plants,fur
symptoms of acute inflammatory response redness,heat,swelling,pain & disordered function
treatment of acute inflammation rest the inflammed part, open drainage to allow bacteria to escape & to relieve tension & swelling of inflamed part; supplement body's natural defenses w/specfic drugs such as antibiotics
genetic immunity is programmed into one's genetic makeup
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