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ch 16 med term

ch 16

asymptomatic without symptoms
bulbourethral glands a pair of pea sized glands that empty into the urethra just before it extends through the penis;also known as Cowper's glands
chance a skin lesion,usually of primarily syphilis,that begins at the site of infection as a small raised area and develops into a red painless ulcer with a scooped out appearance;also known as a venereal sore
gonad the male sex glands,which are called the testes. these are the primarily organs of the male reproductive system
glans penis the tip of the penis
foreskin a loose,retractable fold of skin covering the tip of the penis,also called the prepuce
flaccid weak;lacking normal muscle tone
exudate fluid,pus or serum slowly discharges from cells of blood vessels through small pores or breaks in cell membranes
cowper's glands a pair of pea sized glands that empty into the urethra just before it extends through the penis
dysuria painful urination
dormant inactive
debridement the removal of dirt,damaged tissue,and cellular debris from a wound or a burn to prevent infection and to promote healing
cryosurgery use of subfreezing temperature to destroy tissue.the coolant is circulated through & a metal lobe, chilling it to as low as -160C.when the probe touches the tissues of the body, the moist tissues adhere to the cold metal of the probe and frezze
epididymis a tightly coiled tubule that resembles a comma.its purpose is that of housing the sperm until they mature,becoming fertile and motile.Mature sperm are stored in the lower portion of the epidiymis
epididymitis acute or chronic inflammation of the epididymis.this condition can be the result of a urinary tract infection,prolonged use of indwelling catheters or venereal disease in the male
epididymectomy surgical removal of the epididymis
ejaculation the process of ejecting or expelling the semen from the male urethra
kaposi's sarcoma a malignant growth that begins as soft,brownish or purple raised areas on feet and slowly spreads in the skin,spreading to the lymph nodes and internal organs. it occurs most often in men and is associated with AIDS
malaise a vague feeling of bodily weakness or discomfort often marking the onset of disease
malodorous foul smelling;having a bad odor
mucopurulent characteristic of a combination of mucus and pus
motility the ability to move spontaneously
opportunistic infection an infection caused by normally non-disease producing organisms that sets up in a host whose resistance has been decreased by surgery,illnesses and disorders such as AIDS
orchidopexy surgical fixation of an undescended testicle
orchiopexy surgical fixation of an undescended testicle
palpation a technique used in physical examinations that involves feeling parts of the body with the hands
pelvic inflammatory disease inflammation of the upper female genital tract(cervix,uterus,ovaries);may be associated with sexually transmitted disease
perineum the area between the scrotum and the anus in the male and between the vulva and anus in the female
prepuce a loose,retractable fold of skin covering the tip of the penis,also called the prepuce
prophylactic any agent or regimen that contributes to the prevention of infection and disease
prostate gland a gland that surrounds the base of the urethra,which secrets a milkycolored secretion into the urethra during ejaculation.this secretion enhances the motility of the sperm & helps to neutralize the secretion within the vagina
vesicles blisters;small raised skin lesions containing clear fluid
vas deferens the narrow straight tube that transports sperm from the epididymis to the ejaculatory duct
urethritis inflammation of the urethra
urethra a small tubular structure extending the length of the penis that transports urine from the bladder to the outside of the body
truss an apparatus worn to prevent or block the herniation of the intestines or other organ through an opening in the abdominal wall
testosterone a male hormone secreted by the testes,responsible for the secondary sex characteristic changes that occur in the male with onset of puberty.these changes include growth of facial hair(beard),growth of pubic hair and deepening of the voice
testicles (testes) the male growth or male sex glands,responsible for production of spermatozoa(the male germ cell) and for the secretion of the male hormone testosterone
spermatozoon a mature male germ cell
spermatozoan a mature male germ cell, also known as spermatozoon
seminiferous tublues specialized coils of tiny tubules responsible for production of sperm;located in the testes
seminal vesicles glands that secrete a thick,yellowish fluid,(known as seminal fluid) into the vas deferens
semen a combination of sperm and various secretions that is expelled from the body through the urethra during sexual intercourse
scrotum an external sac that houses the is located posterior to the penis and is suspended from the perineum
salpingitis inflammation of the fallopian tubes;known as pelvic inflammatory disease
residual urine test obtaining a catheterized specimen after the patient has emptied the bladder by voiding,to determine the amount of urine remaining in the bladder;also known as residual specimen. RS may also be determine by an ultrasound and bladder scan
residual urine urine that remains in the bladder after urination
resectoscope an instrument used to surgically remove tissue from the has a light source and lens attached for viewing the area
rectoscope an instrument used to view the rectum that has a cutting and cauterizing(burning) loop.also known as proctoscope
purulent producing or containing pus
prostatectomy removal of all or part of the prostate gland.a discussion of two approaches to removing the prostate gland is presented in the section on diagnostic techniques
anorchism is the absence of one or both testicles
balanitis inflammation of the glans penis and the mucous membrane beneath it
carcinoma of the prostate malignant growth within the prostate gland,creating pressure on the upper part of the urethra
benign prostate hypertrophy a benign(noncancerous)enlargement of the prostate gland,creating pressure on the upper art of the urethra or neck of the bladder(causing obstruction of the flow of urine)
carcinoma of the testes a malignant tumor of the testicle that appears as a painless lump in the testicle;also known testicular cancer
impotence the inability of a male to achieve or sustain an erection of the penis
hypospadias a congenital defect in which the urethra opens on the underside of the penis instead at the end
hydrocele an accumulation of fluid in any saclike cavity or duct,particularly the scrotal sac or along the spermatic cord
epispadias a congenital defect(birth defect) in which the urethra opens on the upper side of the penis at some point near the glans
cryptorchidism condition of undescended testicle(s);the absence of one or both testicles from the scrotum
orchitis inflammation of the testes due to a virus,bacterial infection or injury.the condition may affect one or both testes.typically results from the mumps virus
inguinal hernia a protrusion of a part of the intestine through a weakened spot in the muscles and membranes of the inguinal region of the abdomen. the intestine pushes into, and sometimes fills, the entire scrotal sac in the male
phimosis a tightness of the foreskin(prepuce) of the penis that prevents it from being pulled back.The opening of the foreskin narrows due to the tightness and may cause difficulty with urination
premature ejaculation the discharge of seminal fluid prior to complete erection of the penis or immediately after the penis has been introduced into the vaginal canal
prostatitis inflammation of the prostate gland
varicocele an abnormal dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord leading to the testicle
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