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Med Term 19-25

bone marrow myelo
measure meter
mind psycho
nose rhino
paralysis plega
large macro
with syn
heat thermo
finger/toe dactylo
urine uro
examine scopo
symptom dromo
enlargement megalo
bone osteo
many poly
ear oto
joint arthro
feeling esthesio
small micro
nerve neuro
lip cheilo
head cephalo
fear phobo
dilation ectasia
dipso thirst
poly many
mania madness
antero before
postero behind
dorso back
ventro belly
cephalo head
encephalo brain
aero air
chromo color
lyso destruction
meter measure
geno begginning
philo attraction
eu good
pepsia digestion
kinesio movement
meno menstration
stasis halt-control
syphilo syphilis
pseudo false
edema swelling
opia vision
ptosis prolapse
lapro abdominal wall
hepato liver
colo colon
bio life
pyro fever
xantho yellow
chloro green
opia vision
erhthro red
leuko white
melano black
cyto cell
cysto bladder
dermo skin
blasto embryonic form
emia blood
hidro sweat
adeno gland
gyneco woman
patho disease
plasto repair
ophthalmo eye
viscero organ
glyco sugar
hypo less than normal
latero side
orchido testes
pexo fixation
crypto hidden
colpo vagina
dyno pain
spasm spasm
orrhaphy suture
orrhea flow
orrhagia hemorrhage
orrhexis rupture
endo inner
meso middle
ecto outer
hystero uterus
ectopo misplaced
retro behind
para around
hepato liver
auto self
hemo blood
pyo pus
muco mucus
mono single
multi many
ectasia dilation
lipo fat
Created by: Truman123