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Unit 2.2 Vocabulary

Crusades nine armed expeditions by Christians beginning in 1095 and ending in 1291 to drive Moslems out of the Holy Land
Scripture the "writings" Book determined by the Church to be the Word of God.
Religious syncretism attempt to reconcile or blend beliefs and practices of various religions
Sadducees religious group of Jews in Jesus' day; conservative; rejected teachings NOT from the Torah
Pharisees faith based on Scripture and on Jewish oral tradition. Faith should shape everyday life
Essenes strictest; lived celibately; separated themselves from all who did not live the way they did
Zealots believed that God called them to overthrow the Roman government
Gentiles non-Jews
Apostasy total denial of Christ; disavowal of the Christian faith
Purgatory final purification of all who die in God's grace; final cleansing of all sin
Feudalism governing system during the Middle Ages in which land was granted to a vassal in return for services
Protestant reformation effort to reform the Catholic Church in the 16th century
Council of Trent ecumenical council held in response to Protestant Reformation; Outlined doctrine on matters of authority, sin, and justification; statement on the role of Mary and the saints
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