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Rel. ch. 6

avignon papacy, council of constance, etc.

Avignon Papacy when the center of the christian church moved to Avignon, France-under the control of the French king.
Clement V first pope to reside in Avignon, France
Antipope someone who claims to be pope and opposes the pope
Renaissance rebirth; a positive and direct result of the crusades and when Europeans rediscoverd the culture of the ancient Greeks + Romans
St. Angela Merici founded Order of St. Ursula, one of the largest educational orders
Humanists believed humans had value as children of God' believed the key to reform of the church was religious education
St. Thomas More Christian humanist that was martyred for not letting the king become head of English church; lawyer + chief counselor to the king.
St. John Fisher Christian humanist that was martyred for not letting the king become head of English church; bishop of Rochester, England
Erasmus scholar; Dutch priest that published a version of the New Testament with the Greek text + a Latin translation
St. Catherine of Siena persuaded Pope Gregory XI to leave Avignon + return to Rome
Papacy the office of the pope
The Black Death deathly bubonic plague; killed as many as 1/3 of Europe's population
why did people lose respect for the papacy? Popes were under control of the French kings and did what they told them.
catholic universal
why was christendom split into two? The great schism
how did the church end up w/ 3 popes? cardinals elected another pope when there was already two.
conciliarism belief that church councils have more authority than the church
characteristics of the renaissance 1) increased trade 2) cities 3) rise of strong kings 4) lots of art 5) scientific research 6) development of humanism 7) rise of universities, questiong, and criticsm of the church
Council of Constance ended the Great Schism and declared the Church should be ruled by conciliarism
Two examples of corrup Renaissance popes: 1) Julius II celebrated war victory on palm sunday 2) Alexander VI took more interest in his family's welfare.
major complaint of priests in hte renaissance: poorly trained for their ministry
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