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Quarter Test 1

Truths given to us by God are called? Divine Revelation
To gain happiness in Heaven with God, we must? Know Him, Love Him, Serve Him
What is something that we are unable to fully understand? mystery
God is always... Supreme, Eternal, and the same
What is the greatest mystery of our faith? Blessed Trinity
Who are angels? Spiritual beings, First beings created, and have no bodies
Who guided Tobias on his journey? Archangel Raphael
What are rocks, plants, and diamonds? Material Beings
Before the Fall, Adam and Eve enjoyed what? God's friendship
Who were our first parents? Adam and Eve
Who was the leader of the bad angels? Lucifer
Human beings are born with original sin. What does that mean? have weakened wills, have darkened intellects, lost God's friendship, and lost sanctifying grace
We can commit Original Sin? True or False False, we are born with it
What sacrament gives us graces that help us lose Original Sin? The Sacrament of Baptism
God made the world out of? Nothing
After Adam and Eve disobeyed God, God promised to send who? A Redeemer
Who did God tell to build an ark or ship? Noah
During the time of Noah, all the people and all living things on Earth died in what? A great deluge
On his way home, Abram was blessed by a king of Salem and a priest of God. Who was the king? Melchizedek
God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son named? Isaac
Who interpreted Pharaoh's dreams? Joseph
Who spoke from the burning bush that wasn't consumed? God
When the king od Egypt refused to let the Israelites go with Moses, God sent what onto Egypt? A plague
God told Moses and Aaron that every Hebrew must sacrifice what? A lamb
The meal with the lamb and unleavened bread and herbs is called what? The Passover
God sent the Israelites manna to eat in the desert. The white manna was a type of... The Holy Eucharist
Where did God give Moses the Ten Commandments? Mount Sinai
Aaron died, his son became who? Eleazar, the next High Priest
Who did God tell to lead the Chosen People across the Jordan River? Joshua
The parable of the Last Judgement is found in the Gospel of St. who? Matthew
Name the four marks of the Church Apostolic, Catholic, Holy, and One
Jesus Christ did have a beginning, which was called... human nature
In the Apostles' Creed, when Jesus descends into Hell, it meant... went to limbo
How many apostles did Jesus have? 12
A sin we commit ourselves is called what? actual sin
The life of the soul is called what? sanctifying grace
God's laws given to Moses Ten Commandments
Our Savior is who? Jesus Christ
The word Church Triumphant means? All the saints in Heaven who are now enjoying perfect happiness with God
The special blessing given to the saints that are enjoying a special face-to-face vision of God... Beatific Vision
When Jesus became man, it is also called the... Incarnation
A grievous offense against God is called... mortal sin
Who is considered to have been Immaculately Conceived? Blessed Mother
Created by: Teach100
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