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Vitamin Match

Vitamins for Endocrinology

B5 Pantothenic acid Precursor for Coenzyme A No known isolated deficiencies None known
Lipoic acid Required for Krebs cycle enzymes No known isolated deficiencies None known
Biotin Carboxylation reactions Depression, fatigue, muscle pain Used to Tx carboxylase deficiences
B6 Pyridoxine, Pyridoxal, Pyridoxamine Precursor for pyridoxal phosphate (PLP) - cofactor for > 60 rxns, esp AA metabolism Rare; usually pharmacologically induced --> Sz CONVULSIONS + contraindicated in pregs --> decrease lactation
Folic acid Converted to THF --> 1C transfer reactions Megaloblastic anemia Prevents neural tube defects
B12 Cobalamin Reforms THF from enzymatic byproduct, degrades odd chain linked FAs Pernicious anemia (anemia + CNS disturbance); homocystinuria
C Ascorbic acid Powerful reducing agent + antioxidant; a few hydroxylation Rxns Scurvy! None known
B1 Thiamin Cofactor for various dehydrogenase enzymes in TCA cycle + pentose phosphate pathway Beriberi Wernicke's Korsakoff's Mosquito repellant Rapidly eliminated
B2 Riboflavin Component of FAD + FMN --> electron transport, FA + AA oxidation, FA synthesis No known isolated deficiencies Fluorescent urine
B3 Niacin Precursor for NAD+ and NADP+ --> cofactors for reductase + dehydrogenase enzymes Pellagra Lowers LDL
Created by: eemolee27