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Chapter 1 Lesson 2

To be made holy ______ sanctified
God reveals himself through: creation, sacred scripture, the sacraments, his son Jesus Christ
God reveals himself as _____________ The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity is the father, the son and the holy spirit
The _____________________ of the human heart is to seek and find God or to know and love him deepest desire
Why is the deepest desire of the human heart is to seek and find God or to know and love him? Because he created us, we desire to know our creator
Where did we first see God's almighty love and wisdom? In creation
The high point of God's creation was _________ (man and woman) humans
God created man and woman in his ______ and _______ image and likeness
Why are we not robots? God gave us freedom and a conscience and the ability to reason
The blessed trinity is the central _______ of our faith mystery
What are some examples of the Trinity being used in our faith? Sign of the cross, the glory be, baptism
The Holy Trinity: The Father- The Creator The Son- The eternal Word The Holy Spirit- His Wisdom
They are 3 identifiable persons, they are _______ different ways of being God not
The Trinity is in a relationship of perfect ______ and _______ unity and love
The blessed Trinity is ________ present in the church always
Through the __________ we share in God's life 7 sacraments
The _______ _________ helped the church better understand that the Blessed Trinity is one God in 3 persons because it states that the Holy Spirit, "proceeds from the Father and the Son", not just the Father Nicene Creed
The name Jesus means ______ ________ God saves
________ gave the Church the Sacraments Jesus
The _______ ________is the living memory of the church Holy Spirit
The church began at ____________ Pentecost
________ is where the church began because the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles in the upper room Pentecost
The _______ ______ remains with us from this moment Holy Spirit
The 3 ways the church shares its beliefs: scripture tradition The Sacraments
Why is the church referred to as she? The church is referred to as she because she is known as the "bride of Christ"
What is the church's mission? To make disciples of all nations To go out and spread God's word and invite people to share in the faith
What unites all people to people to the Blessed Trinity? The church
__________ opens our minds and hearts to the mystery of Christ's saving love The Spirit
Know 3 facts about St. Juan de Zumarraga appointed protector of the Indians Born to a noble family Founded hospitals
Created by: Sugarrey1
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