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bycznski CPR Q

Bycznski CPR Q

What are the causes of breathing emergencies? respiratory distress and respiratory arrest
What are the signals of respiratory distress? Trouble breathing, Victim skin is unusually moist or cool,short of breath, dizzy or light head
Identify conditions that cause resiratory distress? Asthma,Emphysema,Bronchitis, Anaphylactic shock, Hyperventilation
What is the care for a conscious choking for adults, children? A combination of back blows followed by 5 abdominal thrusts
what is the care for conscious infant? 5 back blows followed by 5 chest thrusts
What is common causees of choking for adult and children and infants? Trying to shallow large pieces od poorly chewed food, Drinking alchol before and during a meal, shallowing small toys
what is the care for victim experiencing resiratory distress? Check the sceneCheck the victim for consciousnessCall 911 Care for the victim
Describe the care for a victim in resiratory arrest? Rescue breaths and giving CPR
Describe when and how to use breathing barriers? Use it when giving CPR, giving breaths
who more common to get distress? children and infants
signs of distress? AnxietyGaspingFeeling short of breath
what are the two breathing emergencies? Respiratory distressRespiratory arrest
what are most common airway emergency? Anatomical- throats blocked by tongueMechanical- throat blocked by foreign body objects
when should you stop care? When the scene becomes unsafeThe victim begins to breathe on their ownAnother trained person takes over for youEMS personnel arrive on the scen and take overyou are too exhausted to continue
what are some conditions of respiratory distress? A partially obstructed airwayillnesschronic conditionsheart attack
what is respiratory arrest? when the breathing stops
what can you do when your alone and your choking you can give yourself abdominal thrusts in one or two ways make a fist give an unward thrust,or you can also lean forward and press your abdomen over a chair.
what is it call when you get air in the stomach gastric distention
what should you do when someone ready to vomite roll the victim onto one side
what is a stoma it in the front of tyhe neckwhen you give CPR to someone that has a stoma you have to give in the hole
Created by: bycznski