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APHG Notes - Unit 1

Quiz 1 - 8/26/09

What does "Geography" mean in Greek? Earth Description
Culture is? Learned, Collective behavior
Which is NOT a formal culture region? A French-language region in Canada, A corn-growing county in Iowa, A distribution network of THe Washington Post newspaper, A chinese community in California's San Gabriel Valley A distribution of The Washington Post newspaper
When geographers focus on the interrelationships between people and their environments, they are following Carl Sauer's theme of....? Cultural Ecology
On the tropical forest islad of Borneo, Some tribes practice slash-and-burn agriculture, while other tribes have chosen to be fishermen. This exemplifies...? Possibilism
The Southwest and the Deep South ("Dixie") are...? Vernacular Regions
The acceptance of cultural innovation decreases with what? distance ie. time-distance decay
A joke spreading quickly throughout the school and cholera claiming a victim from every household in a village are examples of what type of diffusion? Contagious Diffusion
Your state capital is an example of what? A functional node
Cartography the art & science of map-making
Eratosthenes was...? credited with coining the word "Geography"
George Perkins Marsh provided the first description of what? the extensive impact of human actions on natural systems
What does GIS stand for and what is used in it? GIS (Global Information System) Thematic Layers are used to display the different parts of the world in one map.
Created by: LuvBuggie2060
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