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Dr. Spillers bible.

midterm exam review from the purple sheet.

who was king of Judah at the time of Isreal's fall? Hezekiah
which prophet told Hezekiah to set his affairs in order because he was going to die? Isaish
How old was Manasseh when he began to reign as king of judah? 12
how long did Manasseh reign over judah. (hint: longest reign...) 55 years
which prophets ministered during the reign of Josiah? Nahum, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, and Habakkuk
king josiah destroyed the alter that had been built by? king jeroboam I
how long did the babylonian exile last? 70 years
which king was released from prison at the end of 2 kings? jehoiachin
the assassins of Gedaliah fled to what country? Egypt
Sennacherib of Assyria was succeeded by? Esarhaddon
Hezekiah was visited by ambassadors of the king of? Babylon
Josiah was killed in battle by? Neco II(pharaoh of egypt)
last king of Judah? Zedekiah
the last good king of Judah? Josiah
how many of josiah's sons had a turn at ruling judah? 3
to whom did josiah send his people after finding the book of the law? Huldah the prophetess
where was Josiah killed? Megiddo
who was taken captive to Babylon? Ezekiel,Daniel, and Zedekiah
according to class discussion, the most likely author of Chronicles was? Ezra
what focuses on the preisthood and the temple in Jerusalem? 1 and 2 Chronicles
the book of ____ focuses on the rebuilding of the temple? Ezra
the book of ____ focuses on the rebuilding of the walls around Jerusalem? Nehemiah
what empire conquered Babylon? Persia
what persian king released the jews from captivity? Cyrus the Great
the writer of chronicles traces the history of the jews all thewayback to? Adam
what book contains 9 chapters of genealogies? First Chronicles
the book of ___ describes the origins of the Feast of Purim? Esther
Chronicles focuses primarily on the reigns of the kings of? Judah(South)
which persian king chose Esther as his queen? Ahasuerus(Xerxes I)
Esther's cousin,___, raised her after the death of her parents? Mordecai
what young jewish woman rose from obscurity to become Peria's queen? Esther
what persian queen was removed from her royal position and banished? Vashti
what persian nobleman was responsible for the evil plot to destroy the jews in Persia? Haman
the date on which the jews in Persian were to be destroyed was the? 13th of Adar
what books are included in the Megilloth? esther,ruth,lamentations,song of solomon,and ecclesiastes
what 2 old testament books do not contain the name of God? esther and song of solomon
deported to babylon with his court- jehoiachin
appointed govenor of judah- gedeliah
son of Hezekiah; reigned 55 years- Manasseh
Judah's last king; aka mattaniah- zedekiah
father of isaiah- amoz
high priest under king josiah- hilkiah
prophetess- huldah
assyrian god- nisroch
assyrian king assassinated by his sons- sennacherib
assyrian ambassador- rabshakeh
one-sided information- propaganda
year jerusalem was destroyed- 586 b.c.
babylonian general- nebuzaradan
capital of the assyrian empire- nineveh
last great king of assyria- ashurbanipal
number of assyrian soldiers struck dead by the Lord- 185,000
Created by: haleysud
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