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Dawood 10+11

Dawood 10 +11

adenoid adenoids; soft tissue behind nasal cavities
tonsil tonsil
nas,rhin nose
palat plate (roof of mouth)
or mouth
laryng larynx (voice box)
sept partition
sin, sinus sinus
pneum, pneumat, pneumon lung, air, gas
pulmon lung
lob lobe
bronch, bronchi, bronchial tubes
brinchiol bronchiole
alveol alveolous; air sac, small sac
stern sternum
cost rib
thorac, pector, steth chest
pleur pleura; serous membranes that line thorax and envelop lungs
phren diaphragm
inspiration repiration diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract, pressure in the chest decreases and air is sucked into the lungs
expiration respiration doesn't need muscles to contract to suck air into lungs
ox oxygen
spir, pnea to breathe
capn, carb carbon dioxide
ABG arterial blood gas
Bx biopsy
CPAP continuous pulmonary airway pressure
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
URI upper respiratory infection
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
IRDS infant respiratory distress syndrome
LTB laryngotracheobronchitis
OSA obstructive sleep apnea
PE pulmonary embolism
TB tuberculosis
SOB shortness of breath
CT computerized tomography
CXR chest xray
V/Q ventilation and perfusion scan
or, stomat mouth
dent,odont tooth
gingiv gum
gloss,ling tongue
esophag esophagus
gastr stomach
enter intestines
duoden duodenum; first part of small intestine
jejun jejunem; second part of small intestine
ile ileum; third part of small intestine
col, colon colon
sigmoid colon part of large intestine closer to the rectum
rect rectum; final part of large intestine
an anus
proct anus and rectum
sial saliva
bil, chol bile
abdomin, celi, lapar abdomen
cyst urinary bladder; cyst
hepat, hepatic liver
pancreat pancreas
peritone peritoneum; membrane lining abdominal cavity
BE barium enema
NGT nasogastric tube
N&V nausea and vomiting
ascites abnormal buildup of fluid in abdomen
fecal occult blood test checks for hidden blood in stool
hernia condition when an organ pushes through a weak spot in surrounding area
chyme the pulpy acidic fluid which passes from the stomach to the small intestine, consisting of gastric juices and partly digested food.
GI gastro intestinal
LUQ left upper quadrant
RUQ right upper quadrant
LLQ left lower quadrant
RLQ right lower quadrant
Created by: Hijra1
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