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N A Irrigating Ear

N A Irrigating a Patient's Ear - 767

How often and when do you check the label of the solution? 3 Times - 1 - When you remove it from the shelf 2 - When you pour it 3 - When you return it to the shelf
What temperature should the solution be at? Body temp (98.6 - 100 degrees)
What instrutment is used to examine the ear? Otoscope
How would you position the the patient? Setting with head tilted toward the affected ear.
What would you do to the ear before appling solution? Clean particles from outside of ear with gauze squares?
What would you do with the solution before applying it the first time? 1 - Verify solution is warm 2 - Fill syringe 3 - expel air
How do you position the ear for a child under three (3)? Pull the pinna down and back
How do you position the ear for a child over three to adult? Pull ear up and back
How would you position the syringe in the ear? Place the tip at the edge of the meatus
What direction would you apply the solution? Gently towards the roof of the canal
How many times do you apply solution? Until the material has been removed
Where and how would you dry the ear? Dry the external ear with gauze squares and the visible ear canal gently with cotton-tipped applicators
How would you position the pt after the ear is clean? Place towel against irrigated ear and allow the pt to rest quietly while you wait for the the physician to return
What is recorded on patients record? Date - Time - which ear was irrigated - Amount and type solution used - characteristics of material cleaned out - visibility of tympanic membrane after irrigation - any pt reactions
Created by: spawmary