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Dawood 03

adip, lip, steat/o fat
dermat, derm, cutane/o skin
pil, trich/o hair
hidr/o sweat
onych, ung/o nail
squam/o scale
seb, sebace/o oil
itchyt/o scaly
kerat/o hard
pachy/o thick
xer/o dry
ryhtid/o wrinkle
luek/o white
erythr/o red
xanth/o yellow
melan/o black
comedo whitehead or blackhead clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria
macerate softened skin around a wound
urticaria hives
localized in one specific area
generalized all over
centrifugal spreads from trunk to extremities
centripetal spreads from extremities to trunk
papules bumps <1cm
nodule bumps >1cm
plaques bumps that are large and flat
vesicles bumps that are <1cm filled with clear fluid
bulla bumps that are >1cm filled with clear fluid
pustules bumps filled with pus
abscesses large pustules
macules, freckles small flat spots
patches large flat spots
cherry angioma raise collection of blood vessels
telangiectasia flat collection of blood vessels
petechiae small bruise
ecchymosis large bruise
cicatrix scar
keloid over healed scar
nevus birthmark
dysplastic nevus large and irregular shaped moles
verruca wart
dermatalgia der/mah/tal/gah
dermatodynia der/mah/toh/dye/knee-ugh
dermatolysis der/mah/toh/lye/sis
hemathidrosis heh/mat/hi/droh/sis
Created by: Hijra1
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