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Chapter 1&2 Med 104

Gen/o JIN-oh Creation, cause
Hydr/o HAI-droh water
Morph/o MOR-foh change
Myc/o MAI-koh fungus
Necr/o NEK-roh death
Orth/o OR-throh straight
Path/o PAH-thoh Suffering,disease
Phag/o FAY-goh eat
Plas/o PLAS-oh formation
Py/o PAI-oh pus
Scler/o SKLEH-roh hard
Sten/o STIH-noh narrowing
Troph/o TROH-foh nourishment, development
Xen/o ZEE-noh foreign
Xer/o ZEH-roh dry
Suffix: ()=pronunciation -ac (ak) -al (al) -ar(ar) -ary (ar-ee) -eal (ee-al) -ic (Ik) -tic (tik) -ours (us) pertaining to
-ia (ee-ah) -ism (iz-um) condition
-ium ee-um tissue, structure
-y ee condition,procedure
-icle ik-el small
-ole ohl small
-ula yoo-lah small
-iatrics ee-AH-triks medical science
-iatrist EE-ah-trist specialist in medicine of
-iatry AI-ah-tree medical science
-ist ist specialist
-logist loh-jist specialist in the study of
-logy loh-jee study of
-algia AL-jah pain
-dynia DAI-nee-ah pain
-cele SEEL hernia (a bulging of tissue into an area where it doesn't belong)
-emia EE-mee-ah blood condition
-iasis AI-ah-sis presence of
-itis AI-tis inflammation
-lysis lih-sis loosen, break down
-malacia mah-LAY-shah abnormal softening
-megaly MEH-gah-lee enlargement
-oid OYD resembling
-oma OH-mah tumor
-osis OH-sis condition
-pathy pah-thee disease
-penia PEE-nee-ah deficiency
-ptosis puh-TOH-sis drooping
-rrhage RIJ excessive flow
-rrhagia RAY-jee-ah excessive flow
-rrhea REE-ah flow
-rrhexis REK-sis rupture
-spasm SPAZ-um involuntary contraction
-centesis sin-TEE-sis puncture
-gram gram written record
-graph graf instrument used to produce a record
-graphy grah-fee process of recording
-meter mee-ter instrument used to measure
-metry meh-tree process of measuring
-scope skohp instrument used to look
-scopy skoh-pee process of looking
-desis DEE-sis binding, fixation
-ectomy EK-toh-mee removal
-pexy PEK-see surgical fixation
-plasty PLAS-tee recontruction
-rrhaphy rah-fee suture
-stormy stoh-mee creation of an opening
-tomy toh-mee incision
singular: -a Plural: -ae
singular: -ax Plural: -aces
singular: -ex Plural: ices
Singular: -ix Plural: -ices
Singular: -is Plural: -es
Singular: -ma Plural: -mata
Singular: -on Plural: -a
Singular: -um Plural: -a
Singular: -us Plural: -i
Singular: -y Plural: -ies
a- ay not
an- an not
anti- AN-tee against
contra- KON-trah against
de- dee down, away from
ante- an-tee before
pre- pree before
pro- proh before, on befalf of
brady- brah-dih slow
tachy- talk-in fast
post- phost after
re- ree again
ab- ab away
ad- ad toward
circum- sir-kum around
peri- per-ee around
dia- dai-ah through
trans- tranz through
e- eh out
ec- ek out
ex- eks out
ecto- ek-toh outside
exo- ek-soh outside
extra- eks-trah outside
en- en in, inside
endo- en-doh in, inside
intra- in-trah in, inside
epi- eh-pee upon
sub- sub beneath
inter- in-ter between
bi- bai two
hemi- heh-mee half
semi- seh-mee half
hyper- hai-per over
hypo- hai-poh under
macro- mak-roh large
mirco- mai-kroh small
mono- maw-noh one
uni- yoo-nee one
oligo- aw-lih-goh few
pan- pan all
poly- pawlee many
multi- mul-tee many
con- kon with, together
sym- sim with, together
syn- sin with, together
dys- dis bad
eu- yoo good
combining vowels are used to: -Join a root to any suffix beginning with a consonant -Join two roots together -Joint two roots together even when the second root begins wit a vowel
Description of the rash includes: -Location, size, color, texture, filling of the rash(pustules)
location of rash: -localized vs. generalized -spreading: centrifugal vs. centripetal
Presence of bumps and their size -Papules <1 cm -Nodules >1 cm -Plaques are large and flat
Bumps that are filled with fluid: -Vesicles are <1cm and filled with clear fluid -Bulla are >1 cm and filled with clear fluid. -Pustules are filled with pus -Abscesses are large putules
Flat spots: -Freckles are small flat spots called mascules -Large mascules are called patches
Skin conditions caused by blood vessels: -collection of blood vessels * cherry angioma -raised *telangiectasia - flat
-Bruises: *petechine -small ecchymosis -Large
Diagnostic procedures: -Skin biopsy *excisional *shave *punch
scar formation: -cicatrix -keloid
Epidermal tumors: -nevus -dysplatic nevus -verucca
Diagnostic procedures: -culture and sensitivity -biopsy(Bx) -excisional vs. incisional biopsy -dermatoscope -dermoscopy
Pathological conditions of the nail(all have onych -as part of the word) -onycholysis -onychomalacia -onychopathy -onychophagia -onychocryptosis -paronychia
Assessment terms are: those that describe the diagnosis of the condition
skin problems : -infections -Inflammations -Tumors -Changes in the skin
General skin changes: -dermatosis -decubitus ulcer -dermopathy -eczema
General skin changes: -Associated with hair *hypertrichosis *postpartum alopecia
General skin changes: -Associated with skin *atopic dermatitis *ichthyosis *sclerodermatitis *xanthosis
General skin changes: -Associated with nails *scleronychia
Tumors: -malignant cutaneous neoplasms *basal cell carcinoma *malignant melanoma *squamous cell carcinoma
Tumors: -benign skin tumors actinic keratosis hidradenoma
Inflammations: -steatitis -dermatitis -actinic dermatitis -seborrheic dermatitis -dermatoconiosis
Treatments and Therapies Plan terms: explain how patients will be treated for their conditions
Treatments and Therapies Medications: -Anti-infections or cleansing -Anti-immune -Anti-itch or allergy
Treatments and Therapies *Proceduces to treat the integumentary system: -chemicals -vacuums -Cold -Lasers -Electricity -Surgery *Mohs mircographic surgery *Skin grafting
Treatments and Therapies *General terms -epidermal -intradermal -hypodermic and subdermal -precutaneous and transdermal
Created by: Gabgua2083
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