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Judaism - Revision

Key words from Grade 6 Judaism unit

Judaism A religion whose followers believe that they are God’s chosen people and who live out a way of life centered on the teachings that were revealed to them by God.
Israel The ancient land that was promised to the Hebrew people, but also a collective reference to members of God’s chosen people, the Jews.
Jew A member of the religion Judaism (spiritual meaning), or a person whose ancestry connects them with the Hebrew-speaking people of the ancient land of Israel.
Abraham Abraham is one of the founders of the Jewish nation. His story is found in the book of Genesis.
Covenant An agreement made between two parties. Each side has to keep their side of the agreement.
Moses He led the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery, and gave them their laws from God.
Sarah The name of Abraham's wife
Torah usually refers to the first five books of the Old Testament.
The Promised Land The land of Canaan that was promised by God to Abraham and his descendants.
Prophet A man or a woman who brings God’s message to the people.
Judges Early leaders of the Jewish tribes.
Diaspora Name given to the spread of Jews around the world.
Exile The state of being banished from your native land.
Temple Most important place of Jewish worship, destroyed by the Romans in 70AD.
Tanakh Jewish holy books (Old Testament for Christians).
Sefer Torah Torah scroll.
Parchment Writing material made of animal skin (used for Torah scrolls).
Yad Hebrew word for ‘hand’ – pointer used when reading a Torah scroll.
Talmud The collection of interpretations of the Mishnah written by rabbis (Talmud = study/learning).
Monotheism The belief in one God.
Eternal Lasting forever.
Adonai ‘Lord’ – Jewish name for God.
Shema It is a prayer taken from Deuteronomy. It is recited by Jews twice a day.
Shekinah Means ‘glory’. It is used in Judaism to express the belief that God is present everywhere.
Mitzvot (singular mitzvah) means ‘commandments’, obligations or duties required of Jews by God.
Messiah Means ‘God’s Anointed One’, the one sent to deliver the Jews from all their enemies and to set up God’s Kingdom.
Orthodox Jew Branch of Judaism whose members follow the Torah strictly, and that ways of worshipping do not need to be changed.
Reform Jew Branch of Judaism whose members believe that some laws of the Torah no longer apply, and that worshipping needs to be brought up to date.
Kippah A black scull cap worn by Orthodox Jewish men when in the synagogue and outside (also known as a yarmulke).
Tallit A Jewish prayer shawl. It is worn by men when praying, and is made of white material with fringes.
Tefillin Two small boxes wound by straps around the forehead and arm. They contain four passages from the Jewish scriptures.
Mezuzah Tiny scroll kept in a container that is placed on a doorpost.
Kosher Foods which Jews are allowed to eat.
Shabbat (also known as The Sabbath) Jewish day of rest and worship. 4th Commandment.
Shul Common name for a synagogue in Judaism.
Temple The most important place of Jewish worship, destroyed by the Romans in 70AD.
Minyan A group of ten men which is needed for a full synagogue service.
Rabbi Jewish teacher and leader.
Holy Ark Special cupboard in the synagogue where the Torah scrolls are kept.
Ner Tamid (Everlasting Light) the oil lamp which hangs over the Ark in the synagogue.
Bimah The raised platform in the center of a synagogue where the Torah is read from.
Holocaust The persecution that killed around 6 million Jews during World War II.
Mantle A covering to protect the Sefer Torah
Rabbi A spiritual leader in Judaism
Synagogue A place of worship
Prayer A way of communicating with God
Pilgrimage A journey to a special place that is significant to Judaism. For example the Western Wall in Jerusalem and Yad Vashem, a place where those killed in the Holocaust are remembered.
Created by: Ms Brough
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