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Wind speed while moving E-2 Hawkeye above what knots requires CO approval on CVN? 40 knots
± 179
50,000 lbs
How many hoist points on H-1? One on top of rotor head
Gross take-off weight
5 degrees
How many spare SCBA bottles required for crash on CVN? 30
Wingspan of C-130 F? 132 feet, 7 inches
12 lbs
1 hour, from Nav pole to L3
Place Rotate Insert
Class D
High amount of AFFF on and around flare
Isolate aircraft and allow to cool on own.
Condition III
Spot 4
70° - 80°F
70 lbs
135 lbs
5 degrees higher than deck temp
102 lbs
5 degrees
9 inches
20,000 lbs
25 degrees
20,000 lbs
20 knots
Bridge, Pri-Fly
Wet launch
Report to the point of departure
400 lbs
600 gallons
1,000 gallons
2,000 gallons
300 gallons
DD FORM 1387-2
Red green red
Upon actuation of Halon 1211, the vapor pressure causes the agent to expand so the discharge stream consists of a mixture of liquid droplets and what other form? Vapor
140 degrees
10,000 lbs
What is the VDC for NC-10? 28 VDC
On LPD who has the overall responsibility for aircraft firefighting, salvage, jettison and personnel rescue operations? Air Officer
Current Ships Maintenance Project
3M Coordinator
How often is the A-2R maintenance done? Annually or as required
SU-start-up, LU-lay-up, PM- periodic maintenance, OT-operational test.
What can you find on an EGL? Location of equipment
What is the length for crash tie down? 10-30 Feet
When are E-28 Belly bands required to be replaced? Quarter inch tear. New-6 used-3
How do you move an aircraft away from the crane? Boom down and slack stabilization lines
What is the hoisting weight of an AV-8B? 29,750 lbs
What is the hoisting weight of the CH-53E? 50,000 lbs
“HS”-high strength
Aircraft taxi speed shall not exceed? 4 Knots
ICCS signal a horizontal red wand at (night)? Hangfire
The A/S 32-30A is primarily for towing? Mobile support equipment
How much does the TD1-B weights? 12 lbs
Serrated safety shoes.
(OPNAV 4790/102)
If the emergency is caused by failure of the high-pressure system the platform is raised to the flight deck by? SUMP PUMPS 30min residual power
What manual for slip-resistant deck covering? (NSTM) chapter 634
27-65 gpm
What is the AACC Max lifting capacity? 70,000 lbs
The A/S32A-36A engine Idles/ Runs? 900RPM/1800 RPM
Max speed A/S 32A-36A unloaded? 5 MPH
Bulkhead VLA in the hanger bay are? 14 feet
What is the flight deck VLA on the island? 18 ft
96 hrs
Alternate black & chrome yellow stripes 45 degrees
What shall the OOD display prior for commencing flight operations? HOTEL/FOXTROT flag
TIC can be used to located 2 things what are they? 1. Locate down personnel 2. Visualize fluid levels.
On a CVN how many harness does crash carried? 6
What is the minimum of fire pump available in each of the YOKE fire main groups? 75 percent
What is the salvage platform Tested/ Safe Working Load? 2,000/1,000
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