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N A Sputum Specimens

N A Sputum Specimens pg 996

When is a sputum culture requested? When there are signs & symptoms accompanied by physical evidence of pneumonia, TB or other infectious diseases of the lower respiratory.
What analysis would be done if there was a suggestion of cancerous conditions of the lungs or bronchi? Cytologic analysis
What is the primary method for collection of a sputum sample? Expestoration
What does expectoration mean? Sputum is collected by getting patient to take three deep breaths then cough deeply
Name two other methods of collecting sputum. Tracheal suctioning and bronchosopy
If expestoration is the planned method of collection, where is it done? At home with instruction
When is the best time for sputum collection? First thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything
What should the patient do to decrease contamination from the oropharynx? Raise mouth with water before collection
Why do you want the patient to cough deeply? Sample must come from the lungs not saliva.
Does it matter if the sputum is collected in a sterile cup? Yes, cup must be sterile. (Be careful to not touch the inside of the cup or lid.)
What is the minimum amount of sputum required? At least 1 teaspoon
Created by: spawmary