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Legal Questions

Mr G. "Legal Questions"

What is a threat or attempt to injure? Assault
A person who is under the influence of drugs does not have the legal capacity to form a contract because he/she has a: Legal disability
If a nurse assistant forgets to raise the side rails on the bed and the patient falls out of bed, the nurse assistant might be guilty of: Negligence
When can a health care worker accept a tip or bribe? Never
What term describes the fact that information about a patient must remain private? Confidentiality
If a physician fails to use the degree of skill and learning commonly expected in that individual’s profession, the physician could be guilty of: Malpractice
If a laboratory technician sends e-mails to co-workers saying that a particular physician is careless and killed a patient, the lab tech might be guilty of: Libel
Before you perform any procedure on a patient, you must have proper: Authorization Consent
What does the acronym PSDA stand for? Patient Self-Determination Act
What is permission granted voluntarily by a person who is of sound mind after the procedure has been explained in terms the person can understand? Informed consent
What should you do if you are a health care worker and you make a mistake? Report it immediately to your supervisor.
Jane’s father signs a document saying that Jane will make decisions for him once he is unable to make decisions. The document is a: Durable Power of Attorney
What term describes a standard code of conduct for health professionals? Ethics or ethical code
Keeping someone in the hospital against their will could be an example of: False imprisonment
According to professional standards, before a health care worker performs any procedure on a patient, the health care worker should: Identify the patient and/or obtain the patient’s consent
What is an example of physical abuse? Hitting, forcing people against their will, etc.
What federal standards provide for the privacy of health information in all states? HIPAA
Health care records are examples of: Privileged communications
If a health care worker makes false statements about a patient that cause the patient to be damaged or ridiculed, the health care worker may be guilty of: Defamation or slander
A document that a person signs to indicate he/she does not want to be resuscitated when he/she stops breathing is a: Living Will
Speaking harshly, swearing or shouting, and using inappropriate words to describe a person’s nationality are all examples of what kind of abuse? Verbal
What do the initials HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What patient’s rights document applies to persons in long-term care facilities? Resident’s Bill of Rights
If I have the legal capacity to sign a consent form, I must be: 18-years-old and mentally competent. (Free of legal disability)
What kind of contract exists when a nurse is holding a thermometer and says “put this under you tongue” and the patient puts the thermometer under his or her tongue? Implied contract
Improperly draping a patient during a procedure so that others can see the patient exposed. Invasion of privacy
All procedures must be explained to the patient and no procedure should be performed with the patient does not give consent. Informed consent
Examples include: misuse of narcotics, sexual assault and murder. Criminal law
Failure of a professional to use the degree of skill and learning commonly expected in that profession. Malpractice
Not reporting defective equipment. Negligence
Not using sterile supplies when required. Negligence
Making false statements about a person. Defamation
A patient who leaves a hospital without a physician's permission will be asked a to sign a form called? AMA (Against Medical Advice)
Obligations understood without verbally expressed terms. Implied contracts
Contracts stated in distinct clear language. Expressed contracts
Performing a procedure after the patient has refused to give permission Assault and battery
Required to retrain a patient. Physicians order
Failure to lock a patient's wheel chair resulting in an injury to the patient. Negligence
Stating that a coworker is incompetent when they are not. Slander
Examples include: Considerate and respectful care and confidential treatment of all communications. Patient's Rights
Examples include: 14 year-old, mentally challenged individual and an unconscious person. Legal disability
A patient with a legal disability cannot: Form a contract
A patient has a terminal illness and does not want to be kept alive. He should have a: Living will
A nurse injects a medication directly into a patient’s vein in error, he/she could be guilty of: Malpractice
An angry patient writes a letter to the newspaper editor about a local psychologist. The allegations in the letter are clearly untrue and damaging. The letter writer could be guilty of: Libel
Informs patients of their right to make decisions regarding their right-to-die. Patient Self Determination Act (PSDA)
Created by: smnewman
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