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blood vessel path

pathology of blood vessels

Monckeberg arteriosclerosis involves media of medium-sized muscular arteries, mostly radial and ulnar
Monckeberg arteriosclerosis ring like calcifications tha does not abstruct arterial flow, results in stiff, calcific "pipestem arteries
arteriosclerosis hyaline thickening or proliferative change of small arteris and arterioles, especially kidneys
arteriosclerosis usually associated with HTN or DM
hyaline arteriolosclerosis hyaline thickening; causes benign nephrosclerosos; is associated with HTN
hyperplastic arteriosclerosis concentric, laminated onionskin; causes malignant nephrosclerosis and is associated with malignant HTN
characteristics of atherosclerosis central core of cholesterol; fibrous cap of smooth muscle, foam cells, fibirin; may develop from fatty streaks
complications of atherosclerosis ulceration, hemorrhage into plaque, or calcification of plaque; thrombosis; embolization
atherosclerotic aneurysm most frequently occurs in descending, especially abdominal, aorta
syphilitic aneurysm tertiary syphilis; caused by syphalitic aortitis, characterized by obliterative endarteritis of the vasa vasorum and necrosis of media
syphalitic aneurysm characteristically involves ascending aorta leading to aortic valve insufficiency
dissecting aneurysm longitudinal intraluminal tear; characterixtically results in aortic rupture
dissecting aneurysm associated with HTN, cystic medial necrosis; no relation to atherosclerosis
A-V fistula abnormal communication between artery and a vein; can be secondary to trauma; may result in ischemic changes and aneurysm formation from increased venous pressure; may cause high output cardiac failure from hypervolemia
venous thrombosis most often from deep veins of lower extremities; predisposed by venous circulatory stasis; may give rise to embolism; often associated with inflammation
spider telangiectasia dilated small vessel surrounded by radiating fine channels; associated with hyperestrinism
hemangioma responsible for port wine stain birthmarks
capillary hemangioma tangle of closely packed capillary like channesl that may occur in skin, SQ, liver, splen, or kidneys
cavernous hemangioma large cavernous vascular spaces in skin and mucosal surfaces; can occure in von Hippel-Lindau disease
hemangioendothelioma intermediate in behavior between benign and malignant
hemangiopericytoma arises from pericytes and varies in behavior from benign to malignant
hemangiosarcoma rare malignant vascular tumor occuring in skin, musculoskeletal, breast and liver; associated with arsnic, radioactive diagnostic agent thorium dioxide; polyvinyl chloride associated with liver lesions
classic kaposi sarcoma older men of jewish or mediterranean orgin
endemic kaposi sarcoma young african men
epidemic kaposi sarcoma AIDS
polyarteritis nodosa necrotizing immune complex inflammation; aneurysmal nodules, from destruction of arterial media nad internal elastic lamella
polyarteritis nodosa associated with HBV, P-ANCA's
hypersensitivity vasculitis immune complex mediated vasculitides characterized by acute inflammation of small blood vessels
hypersensitvity vasculitis manifest by palpable purpura; may be precipitated by exogenous antiens or as a complication of systemic illness
wegner granolumatosis necrotizing granulomatous vasculitis of small to medium sized vessels of repiratory tract and kidneys
wegener granulomatosis dominated clinically by respiratory tract signs and symptoms, especially of the paranasal sinuses and lungs, and necrotizing glomerulonephritis
wegener granulomatosis manifest by fibrinoid necrosis of small arteries/veins, early infiltration by neutrophils; granuloma formation prominant
wegener granulomatosis C-ANCA's
giant cell arteritides usually affects branches of carotid artery
temporal arteritis systemic vasculitis most often in elderly; manifests as headache, tenderness/palbable nodules along course of artery, vidual impairment, polymylagia rheumatica
takayasu arteritis aortic arch syndrome; manifest by absent pulses in carotid, radial and ulnar arteries
kawasaki disease acute, self limited illness of infants and young children, characterized by acute necrotizing vasculitis of small and medium sized vessels
kawasaki disease manifest clinically by fever, hemorrhagic edema of conjunctivae/lips/oral mucosa, and cervical lymphadenopathy
beurger disease acute inflammation involving small to medium sized arteries of extremities; reults in ischemic disease; cigarette smoking
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