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CH 20

APHY 102 Urinary

af- to/ afferent arteriole (leads to)
calyc- small cup
cort- covering
cyst- bladder
detrus- force away
glom- little ball
juxta- near to
mict- to pass urine
nephr- pertaining to kidney
papill- nipple
prox- nearest
ren- kidney
trigon- triangular
position of kidneys in relation to vertebrae 12th thoracic to 3rd lumbar
position in body posterior to the parietal peritoneum and against the deep muscles of the back
what holds kidneys in place? connective and adipose tissue
kidneys secrete what hormone to control the rate of RBC formation? erythropoietin
kidneys secrete what enzyme to regulate blood pressure? renin
kidneys regulate absorption of calcium ions by activating vitamin D
renal pelvis located mostly inside renal sinus directs the urine formed by the kidney toward the ureter.
functional unit of kidney nephron
renal arteries transport large volume of blood to the kidneys
Blood flow through the kidneys renal A-interlobular A-arcuate A-cortical radiate A-afferent arteriole-glomerular capillaries-efferent arteriole-peritubular capillaries or vasa recta-cortical radiate vein-arcuate vein-interlobular vein-renal vein
what are the two major components of a nephron? renal corpuscle, renal tubule
the _____ arteriole supplies blood to the nephron afferent
from afferent arterioles blood flows into ? glomerular capillaries
segments of the renal tubule in order proximal tubule-nephron loop-distal tubule
the segment of renal tubule that receives filtrate from the glomerular capsule is the ____ tubule proximal
urine formation glomerular filtration-tubular reabsorption-tubular secretion
the most commonly measured index of kidney function glomerular filtration rate (GFR)
cells that cover the glomerulus, helping to form the visceral layer of the capsule are called podocytes
what secretes renin the juxtaglomerular apparatus
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