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AC-Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

Rome was built in an area of __________ hills. Seven
What is the name of the river on which Rome was founded? Tiber
The mountains that separate Italy from the rest of Europe were called the ___________. Alps
According to Roman mythology, who were the founders of Rome? Romulus and Remus
According to Roman mythology how as Rome founded? Romulus and Remus wanted to establish a city on the banks of the Tiber River where they had been abandoned as infants. Romulus and Remus got in a fight over where to put the city. Romulus killed Remus.
The early Roman government in which voting citizens chose their leaders is called a(n) __________. Republic
The Punic Wars were a long series of conflicts between which two cities? Rome and Carthage
Why did Rome and Carthage go to war in the first Punic War? Control of Sicily
Who was Hannibal? Military general from Carthage
What was Hannibal's strategy for defeating Rome? Attack Rome from the north by crossing the Alps
Where was Hannibal finally defeated? Battle of Zama
How was Hannibal finally defeated? The Romans attacked Carthage. Hannibal came back to Carthage to fight the Romans at the Battle of Zama. Hannibals elephants stampeded his army when the horns were the "Charge" horns were blown.
What made Hannibal such a great general? Hannibal used different strategies to throw the enemy off.
Who won the First Punic War? Rome
Who won the Second Punic War? Rome
Who won the Third Punic War? Rome
What did the Romans do to Carthage after the end of the Third Punic War/ Burned the city to the ground, sold all the people into slavery, put salt in the fields
What Roman general attempted to become a dicatator and was later assassinated? Julius Caesar
What group killed Julius Caesar? Roman Senators
Why did Roman Senaors kill Julius Caesar? They were afraid that he would become Emperor of Rome.
Who said "Veni, Vidi, Vici"? Julius Caesar
What is the English translation of "Veni, Vidi, Vici"? I came, I saw, I conquered
What famous event occurred on the "Ides of March"? Julius Caesar was assassinated?
What was the name of the Roman Senator who helped kill Julius Caesar and was also Caesar's adopted son? Brutus
Who was "Octavian"? Adopted son of Julius Caesar and the first Emperor of Rome
What was the name of the Egyptian Queen who fought with Marc Antony against Octavian? Cleopatra
What is the name of the two Roman military leaders that Cleopatra married? Julius Caesar and Marc Antony
Why was Cleopatra so despised by Romans? She was not Roman. She married to famous Romans - Marc Antony and Julius. They believed she was a witch who had put a spell on Caesar and Antony. Octavian spread untrue stories about her.
Who won the Civil War that followed the death of Julius Caesar? Octavian
Who was Augustus? Octavian - When he became the first Emperor of Rome, he was called Augustus (revered one).
The Romans adopted the gods of the ____________ but gave them Roman names. Greeks
What was the name of the slave that led a slave revolt against the Romans? Spartacus
What type of government existed during the Roman Empire? Dictatorship
What is the law of "succession"? Rules about how the next leader should be determined
What problems occurred because the Roman Empire had no law of succession? Chaos and violence as a new ruler gains power
What is the name of the structures which carried water into the city of Rome? Aqueducts
What new building material did the Romans discover? Concrete
What is the name of the Roman public square that is much like our downtown area in cities today? Forum
What is the name for warriors who fought in public to entertain Roman spectators? Gladiators
What was the largest and most famous place to race chariots during the Roman Empire? Circus Maximus
What is the name of the most intact building left from Roman times? Pantheon
What is the name of the famous temple in Ancient Rome where you could worship all gods? Pantheon
What were large farm/country estates near Rome called in Roman times? Villas
What was the "Pax Romana"? A time period considered the height of Roman culture.
What was the name of the volcano that erupted in 79 A.D. and covered Pompeii with ash and pumice? Vesuvius
Why is Pompeii such an important archaeology site for historians? When Vesuvius erupted and covered Pompeii in ash and pumice, it froze this Roman city in time. As a result, we have learned a great deal about Ancient Rome from Pompeii.
The emperor who divided the Roman Empire into an eastern and western part, each with its own emperor, was ____________________. Diocletian
The city that Constantine selected to be the new capital of the Roman Empire was __________. Constantinople
What was the end date of the Roman Empire? 476
What is the legacy of Ancient Rome? Road system throughout Europe, founding of major cities throughout Europe, words in the English Language, domes and arches, Republic
Which came first in Roman history - Beginning of the Pax Romana or Spartacus leads a slave revolt against Rome? Spartacus leads slave revolt against Rome
Which came first in Roman history - the Roman Empire or the Roman Republic? Roman Republic
Which came later in Roman history - the assassination of Julius Caesar or the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius? Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
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