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Theology Proper

Which bible verse teaches God made himself known through creation? Romans 1:18-20
Which bible verse teaches God made himself known by our conscience? Romans 2:14-15
Name 5 philosophical arguments for God's existence. Universal belief Cosmological Tealogical Anthropological Ontological
Define universal belief All mankind have some idea of God or type of God
Define cosmological arguement Every affect must have an adequate cause, since universe had a beginning something outside of it must have caused it
Define tealigical Every design must have intelligent designer
Define anthropological arguement Man's moral nature demands absolute moral lawgiver
Define ontological Man has an idea of a necessary being who must necessarily exist
Atheism denies his existence
Agnostic claims you can't know if God exists
Deism God is separate, created universe but has now left and is not involved
Pantheism God is the universe
Polytheism There are many gods
Dualism Two gods one good one evil
Define god The self-conscious personal being who is the uncaused cause of all that existsand who transcends the whole creation while being involved in it
Give a verse that shows God is eternal. Psalms 90:2
Define omnipresent Everywhere at once
Give verse that shows God is omnipresent Psalms 139:7-8
Define omnipotent All powerful, can do all things not logically contradictory
Give a verse that shows God is omnipotent Matthew 19:25-26
Define omniscient All knowing
Give a verse that shows God is omniscient Psalms 147:5
Define immutable Never changes
Give a verse that shows God is immutable Hebrews 13:8
Define sovereign Always in control
Give a verse that shows God is sovereign Isaiah 46:9-11
Define holy Separated from evil
Give a verse that shows God is holy 1 Peter 1:14-16
Define righteous Just
Give a verse that shows God is righteous 2 Timothy 4:8
Give a verse that shows God is true John 14:6
Give a verse that shows God is faithful 1 Thessalonians 5:24
Define merciful Not given the punishment we deserve
Give a verse that shows God is merciful Ephesians 2:4
Define gracious Given salvation we do not deserve
Give a verse that shows God is gracious Ephesians 2:8-9
Give a verse that shows God is loving John 3:16
What are the four basic names of God? ELOHIM EL Adonai Jehovah
Created by: Jiggypiggy
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