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Liturgical Year

Liturgical year Flash Cards

This season marks the start of the liturgical year. Advent
Advent’s first Sunday this year will be on November 29, 2020. When will the 4th and last Sunday be? It will fall on December 20th, 2020
What are the two colors associated with Advent? Pink and Purple
Advent is a lead up to the birth of Christ, this is called... Christmas
Christmas always fall on the same day in December, which day is this? December 25th
What color is used for Christmas? White
After the Sunday of the Baptism of the lord this season begins. Ordinary time after the baptism of the lord
The ordinary time after the baptism of the lord will start two Sundays after the new year on a Monday, what day is this? January 13th, 2020
Signifying the color of life, what is the color seen in ordinary time? Green
This is the season that we repent and renew ourselves. Lent
It lasts 40 days and starts with the celebration of Ash Wednesday. The last Wednesday of ordinary time is February 19th, so when will Ash Wednesday fall this year? February 26th, 2020
Lent primarily sees one color but also has another one during Palm Sunday, the same color of Good Friday. What are those two colors? Purple and Red
The season following Lent and Good Friday is known as? Easter
Easter officially begins on Easter Sunday which is the first sunday following Palm Sunday, which takes place on April 5th, 2020, what day will Easter start then? April 12th, 2020
The primary color for Easter is the color of joy and victory, also associated with a fresh start. What is this color? White
This is the longest liturgical season in the year Ordinary Time after Pentecost
Knowing that the ordinary time stars after Pentecost Sunday, which is the 8th Sunday after the first Easter Sunday (April 12th, 2020), when will this season start? Monday, June 1st, 2020
Many colors are seen during the Ordinary time after Pentecost but the primary one is? Green
What does Advent Signify? The expectation and hopeful anticipation of the arrival of Christ into the world
What does Christmas Signify? Refers to the time that we are invited to continue to extend our joy and continue to celebrate the birth of Christ
What does Ordinary Time after the Baptism of the Lord Signify? This season focus on the early life and childhood of Jesus, and then on his public ministry
What does Lent Signify? Preparation for Easter, a time to find repentance and understand that we do sin. We focus on three practices, fasting, praying and almsgiving
What does Easter Signify? Celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
What does Ordinary Time after Pentecost Signify? This season focuses on Christ as the king of kings and on the life of the church
Created by: Bernardo Cardona



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