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5th Period ME1

5th ME 1 and Islam

What does Islam mean? "submission" or "surrender" to Allah
When and where was the prophet Muhammad born? 570 AD in Mecca
What are the primary teachings of Islam? Qur'an and the Sunna
What is Umma? community of all Muslim believers
The Quran is 4/5 the size of what? New Testament
The Quran is divided into 114 _______? Suras
What language is the Quran written in? Arabic
Who's words are the Quran? God's words given to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel
Why do scholars believe it's impossible for Muhammad to have written the Quran? It's believed that he is illiterate
Which is the most recited and memorized book? the Quran
What does Muhammad's name mean? the highly praised one
Who is reguarded as the seal of the prophets and why? Muhammad because he's believed to be the last prophet
When was the Night of Power and Revelation? 610
Who were the first and second converts to Islam? Khadija, his first wife, and later his nephew Ali
What was the center of worship of Arabian tribal gods? Kaaba, a cube like structure in the center of the Great Mosque
When and what was the Hijra? in 622 when Muhammad and his followers travelled to Yathrib (Medina) reguraded as the turning point in history
When did Muhammad die? 632
What did Muhammad succeed in doing by the time he died? united most of the Arab tribes into a theocracy and most of the Arabian peninsula was under his authority
What did the Shiites believe? Muhammad wanted son-in-law Ali as his successor
What did the Sunnis believe? Abu Bakr should've succeeded Muhammad
What are the foundations of the Sunni-Shia split? disagreed on who Muhammad's succesor should be
What is the Sunna? the record of Muhammad's own teachings and actions apart from the revelations given in the Quran
What is Sufism? Islamic Mysticism
Meanings of Jihad? Jihad is the general spiritual struggle of a devout Muslim. The first kind is Greater Jihad which is conducted in every person to be better, and Lesser Jihad is conducted in the world
What is a Mosque? central place of worship for the Muslim religion
What is Shahada? the first pillar of Islam, central creedal statement
The four basic elements of Islam? Quran, the prophet Muhammad, the primary teachings of Islam, and Umma
What does Allah mean? the one true god of Islam
What is the first pillar of Islam? confession of faith, known as the Shahada
What is the second pillar of Islam? prayer 5 times a day facing Mecca
What is the third pillar of Islam? fasting in the season of Ramadan
What is the fourth pillar of Islam? wealth sharing
What is the fifth pillar of Islam? to take a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life time, known as the Hajj
Which country is the Negev desert found in? Israel
Which country lost the West Bank to Israel in the Six-Day War in 1968? Jordan
Which country is the location of the ancient civilization of Phoenicia? Lebanon
Which country's capital was once known as teh "Paris of teh Middle East" but since 1970's this country has been in an almost constant state of civil war? Lebanon
Which country has the highest peak in the Middle East and legendary landing place of Noah's Ark? Turkey
Which country has some animosity between this country and Israel over Israel's occupation of Golan Heights? Syria
Fighting between the Greek majority and the Turks resulted in a divided capital and the Turks being given the northern 1/3 of the island? Cyprus
At the end of WWII the Ottoman Empire had been reduced to this one country Turkey
The official languages of this country are Hebrew and Arabic. Judaism is the faith of 82% of the population Israel
Hezbollah operates out of this country Lebanon
When were the crusades 1095-1199
What is the Sykes-Picot agreement? an agreement that lead to the division of the Ottoman empire after WWI into various French and British administered areas
What is Hamas? created in 1987 and known for suicide bombing at odds with the PLO
What year was the state of Israel established? 1948
What did David do? He united the two kingdoms of northern Israel and southern Judea around 1,000 BCE
What is the highest peak in the Middle East and the legendary landing place of Noah's ark? Mt. Ararat
what does PLO stand for? Palestinian Liberation Order
What was the stratigic strip of land along the Middle East/North African trade routes and was called the gate between Africa and Asia? Gaza Strip
What is the Wailing wall? remaining wall of the temple that the Romans did not destroy
What is the famous mosque located on the temple mount? Dome of the Rock (690 CE)
What is diaspora? the situation of the Jews living away from Israel, their ancestoral homeland is called
The Balfour declaration? stated Great Britain's support for the creation of a Jewish homeland while promising to do nothing to violate the rights of Arabs living there
when was WWI? 1914-1918
When was WWII? 1939-1945
What were the Camp David Accords? Under Jimmy Carter, Egypt and Israel reach an end to their dispute in 1978, and restore the Sinai Peninsula to pre-1967 borders
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