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8th TOB Part Two

What is concupiscence? The inclination toward things that aren't good for us; it is a consequence of original sin and a permanent wound in our nature.
Contrast "living according to the flesh" with "living according to the Spirit" Living according to the flesh invites concupiscent desires: dissention, anger, jealousy & impurity. Living in the Spirit produces charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self control & chastity.
Explain: "the man of concupiscence is not so much accused as he is called to overcome concupiscence" God doesn't vanquish us because of our concupiscence. He calls us to work toward defeating our sinful tendencies so that we can can be truly free.
Define "purity of heart" An openness to the Holy Spirit that directs our hearts and redeems our desires; it is a deeply felt desire to do what is holy and good that is manifested in the way we make use of our bodies (words and actions)
How did Saint Paul of Tarsus show his heroic desire to live by the Spirit? He risked his life over and over again, making many sacrifices as he travelled thousands of miles spreading the Gospel. God didn't punish him for his persecution of Christians. He gave his very life for the cause of the salvation of others.
Explain "Logic of Domination vs. Logic of Gift" Log. of Dom. imposes one's will upon some aspect of creation with complete disrespect & disregard for its nature, purpose &/or limits. Log. of G. approaches creation with reverence & an appropriate attitude remembering first & foremost that it is a gift
Why is it wrong to have the attitude, "I own my body and I can choose to do what I want with it?" This is logic of domination. Our bodies are a gift from God and they are intended to be taken care of and treated according to His design and according to the order in creation He established.
How might a "logic of domination" affect the way we treat others? Logic of domination says I can use another person as a means to an end, as a way to get what I want, treating an individual as a thing instead of a person.
How does the moral law fit within "logic of gift?" The moral law is the guide through which we exist in right relationship with God, ourselves, each other and the world. It teaches us how to properly treat our bodies as a gift.
Briefly explain how Saint Hildegard von Bingen used lived "logic of gift." She offered all of her many talents to the service of God's kingdom while on earth.
What does our own redemption tell us about our bodies? God created us with a body & a soul. Our bodily resurrection means that our bodies are important. We are defined by that which is visible (our bodies) & that which is invisible (our souls). The dignity of our bodies demands special care & reverence.
Why does the church venerate relics of saints? We understand that the body is sacred. The body of a saint was used in deep cooperation with the Holy Spirit to do God's work on earth. It's also a means of connecting with the saint in a special way.
What does Jesus teach us about marriage after the resurrection of our bodies? Marriage belongs exclusively to this world.
What will our bodies be like in the resurrection? Our weak corrupted bodies will come to their full power as they were originally created to be and also far surpass it. Our bodies and souls will be in perfect harmony with one another. What was once difficult and unharmonious will be ordered.
What did Manichaeism profess? That all of material reality is evil and only spiritual realities are liberating and true. The soul (a spiritual reality) is imprisoned in the body (a material thing). Manichaeism condemned all that is bodily in man.
How does our Catholic Faith weigh in against Manichaeism? We strive to rightly order our desires and actions (with our bodies!) to live according to the Spirit which in turn is a necessary means of our way to salvation.



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