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7th TOB Part Two

What task accompanies the gift of redemption? To cooperate with the power of Christ who lives in us and continue to say "yes" to god in our daily lives.
How do we say "yes" to God in gratitude for the gift of our existence and redemption? avoid sin, practice the virtues, pray, let our prayer affect how we live our lives, receive the sacraments
What gifts does the Holy Spirit give us to help us to see our way more clearly? wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord
What is "purity of heart?" an attitude, ability, a virtue that leads us to actions and intentions rooted in Christ--to love what is truly good; to live according to the Spirit
Provide an example of a case in which a friend may not have purity of heart in his/her relationship with others. Your example will demonstrate that the friend's actions are only external/superficial, not coming from the heart
Explain how our freedom from sin gives us the ability to see the true and good and to live our lives according to that good. Sin clouds our judgement. Giving in to sin, makes it more & more difficult for us to discern right from wrong & we become vulnerable to the consequences of the sins we have committed. Keeping ourselves in a state of grace brings fruits of the Holy Spirit
Identify three fruits of the Holy Spirit that come from avoiding sin joy, charity, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, chastity, self control, generosity
Think of someone you know that displays some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. How would you characterize his/her interactions with yourself and with others? You don't have to name names here, but give a brief account of how this person's virtuous spirit interacts with others -- you can give an example if it helps.
Identify two qualities in the life of Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen that showed he was living his life "in the Spirit." Any two of your choosing
What is "self mastery?" a way of restraining ourselves so our actions align with what is truly good
Define "utilitarian"/provide a benign, everyday example value based upon usefulness...
Use an example to demonstrate how a utilitarian view of a person fails to acknowledge dignity and worth. You're on your own here.
How can "death to self" play a role in self mastery? Sometimes we have to completely deny or defeat a negative impulse within us in order to achieve self mastery. In that way, we "die" to that part of us that spurs us onto the wrong path.
What special gift does God give us so that we can live heroically, seeking self mastery and a life of virtue? The sacraments
How did Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross show heroic virtue? She didn't let the adversity that surrounded her stop her from pursuing God's will, even at the cost of her own life. Her life stands as a profound example of the heroism of love.
What does Saint John Paul the Great mean when he says that the invisible is expressed through the visibility of the body? Our purity of heart (invisible) becomes visible in our actions and gestures (physical expressions of the gifts of the Holy Spirit)
Explain Saint John Paul the Great's "spousal meaning of the body." It means that as human persons we are called to make a gift of self either in marriage or as a virgin
Explain how life as a virgin can be "total, faithful & fruitful." To serve the church in this manner is to give one's self over completely to the service of Christ in others. Your work for Him requires constant devotion and strengthens the faith of others through example and word. It also bring others to the faith.
How did Saint John Bosco live the spousal meaning of the body? Through his kindness and good humor he made the gift of self in the priesthood and his mission to help educate and mentor youth. His life showed the richness and happiness of a life given for the sake of others.
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