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Massage History

The father of Swedish Massage Pehr Ling
Book written in 1569 that was the 1st book of sports medicine De Arte Gymnastica
Who described the blood as circulated through arteries and veins via the beat of the heart William Harvey
In what year did George Henry Taylor and Charles Fayette Taylor introduce the Swedish Movement system to the United States? 1856
The American Association of Masseurs and Masseuses, which later changed its name to American Massage and Therapy Association, was founded in: 1943
The American Bodywork and Massage Professionals was founded in: 1987
What was the title of the first modern treatise on anatomy, written by Mondino dei Luzzi in 1316? Anothomia
The symbol of the medical profession, a snake and staff, can be traced back to what legendary Greek physician? Asclepius
What is the original massage technique in China and is regarded as the precursor of all other manual and energetic therapies? Amma
What is the title of the classic scripture of traditional Chinese medicine? Nei Ching
Manual and scientific manipulation of the body's soft tissues using pressure and traction for the purpose of establishing and maintaining health and promoting wellness (therapeutic, palliative, and recreational purposes) is the definition of: Massage Therapy
Western massage texts tend to use French terminology, primarily because of the efforts of: Johann Mezger
The person known as the father of modern Western medicine is: Hippocrates
The first written accounts of therapeutic massage originated in: China
Who developed the Swedish Movement Cure, which included the use of massage? Pehr H. Ling
Who wrote the first American textbook on the Swedish Movement System in 1860? George Taylor
Which massage organization took the first step toward professionalism by the establishing a massage curriculum and accreditation of massage schools? Society of Trained Masseuses
Which center was a think tank for human potential movement and the first exposure to massage for many people? Esalen Institute
Which organization developed and released the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination in 2008? Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards
How is human trafficking best described? Modern day slavery
Which illegal activity uses massage as a cover for its operations? Sex trafficking
Which healing method is based on Hindu tradition? Ayurveda
Which method is Japanese but based on Chinese medicine concepts, and uses applied pressure of the thumbs, elbows, and other parts of the body? Shiatsu
Who opened the Swedish Health Institute of Washington, DC, considered the first massage school in the United States? Hartvig Nissen
When is the earliest the term massage was used by most European-based cultures? 1800s
Who helped popularize massage therapy in the United States during the modern era by writing numerous books and publishing articles in his magazine, Good Health? John Harvey Kellogg
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