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A&P Ch8 Skeletal

Appendicular skeleton

This end of the clavicle articulates with the scapula. Acromial end
This is the edge of the scapula closest to the humerus. Lateral border
As part of the skeleton, which part of the scapula is most superior Acromion
What is the scapular notch of the scapula used for? Passageway for a nerve
What is found in the glenoid cavity? Head of the humerus
The longest and largest bone of the upper limb is the: Humerus
Where are the greater and lesser tubercles of the humerus found? Distal to the anatomical neck
The capitulum of the humerus articulates with the head of radius
This is a spool shaped surface of the humerus medial to the capitulum that articulates with the ulna is the: Trochlea
The radius is ______than the ulna and what direction to it shorter to the ulna and lateral to it
Where does the tendon of the biceps brachii muscle attach distally? Radial tuberosity of the radius
What is the function of the interosseous membrane between the ulna and radius? It both joins the shafts of the bones and is the attachment point for some tendons of forearm muscles
The distal end of the radius articulates with how many bones of the wrist? 3
Which of the largest carpal bone? Capitate
Which bones contribute to the carpal tunnel? Hamate, Pisiform, Scaphoid, trapezium
How many phalanges in each hand? 14
Posteriorly, each hip articulates with the: Sacrum
Which of the following is the superior hipbone? Ilium
Which bones contribute to the acetabulum: The ilium, the ischium and the pubis
The true pelvis is __________to the false pelvis and it surrounds the pelvic cavity and organs inferior
The shaft of the femur is slightly angled: Medially
Which ridge serves as an attachment point for tendons of several thigh muscles? Linea aspera
This is a bone that develops in the tendon of the quadriceps femoris muscle: Patella
Which bone is known as the shin bone? Tibia
The lateral malleolus is found on the distal end of what bone? Fibula
Which is the largest and strongest tarsal bone? Calcaneus
Each foot has one ________ arch with ________ and_________ and one _________ arch longitudinal , medial, lateral branches, transverse
This is the anterior bone that articulates with the manubrium of the sternum at the sternoclavicular joint. Clavicle
This end of the clavicle articulates with the manubrium. Sternal end
The shallow depression on the scapula, inferior to the acromion of the scapula is the: Glenoid cavity
The glenohumeral joint includes parts of which bones? The humerus and scapula
The deltoid tuberosity of the humerus is found: At the midpoint of the shaft
What is found on the proximal end of the humerus? Lesser and Greater tubercle
The medial and lateral epicondyles, found on the distal end of the humerus, are used for: Attachment of the tendons of skeletal muscles of the forearm
This bony landmarks is found on the humerus at the elbow? Olecranon fossa
The ulna and radius connect with each other at how many points? 3
In about 70% of carpal fractures which is the only carpal bone broken? Scaphoid
The carpometacarpal joint consists of the: Base of a metacarpal bone and the distal end of a carpal bone
Which two structures form the hip joint: The head of the femur and the acetabulum
The pelvic inlet: Is the superior opening of the pelvic cavity
Which structure is found on the medial surface of the femur? Lesser trochanter
The distal end of the femur expands as: A lateral condyle and a medial condyle
The medial and lateral condyles articulate with what part of the patella? Articular facets
The fibular notch is found on what bone? tibia
The coronoid process is found on what bone? ulna
The radial tuberosity is found on what bone? radius
The anterior inferior iliac spine is found on what bone? ilium
The linea aspera is found on what bone? femur
The ischial tuberosity is found on what bone? ischium
The coracoid process is found on what bone? scapula
The conoid tubercle is found on what bone? clavicle
The coronoid fossa is found on what bone? humerus
The obturator foramen is found on what bone? ischium and pubis
The gluteal tuberosity is found on what bone? femur
The trochlear notch is found on what bone? ulna
The greater sciatic notch is an indentation seen on the ischium
The lesser trochanter is on the ____________ surface of the ___________ posterior, femur
The olecranon is the proximal end of the ulna
The tibia articulates distally with the fibula and talus
Which bone articulates with the sacrum ilium
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