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TOB Sixth Part One

Questions Aimed at Preparing 6th Graders for an Assessment on TOB P1

Identify two truths connected with the nature of a "gift." a) contentment accompanies the receiving of a gift b) the gift connects us with the giver in a special way c) the gift is given out of love d) the giver determines the meaning of the gift
First and foremost what is the most important gift God gives us? Existence, our lives
How do we show our gratitude for the gifts God gives us? By loving others, obeying God's will for us and respecting all of creation we give ourselves as a gift.
How did Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassatti acknowledge the gift of God's beauty in creation? The outdoors were a place pf prayer for him, an opportunity to be closer to God in the grandeur of His loving creation. He enjoyed the outdoors and outdoor sport, often bringing others with him.
Briefly define "human nature." Those common qualities that we all share as human beings.
What does it mean when we say there is a "hierarchy" in creation? It means not everything in creation has the same status. There are created things that have higher status than others. A dog has greater status than a rock. People have the highest status in creation, being created in the image and likeness of God.
Identify one way the life of man echoes that of the Trinity. Man's life is made up of relationships, like the Trinity is a communion of persons.
Identify the four basic relationships man experiences. God/ourselves/others/world
Explain how we live the calling that acknowledges that our life is a gift. Through our actions. We grow more and more in our love for God in the way that we live our lives.
Explain why it is said that Saint Teresa of Calcutta couldn't feel the loving consolation that most of us feel when we do good for others. Saint Teresa was committed so heroically to the service of the poor that her proximity to Christ was so close that His brightness prevented her from "seeing him" as we do (the feeling of His consolation)
Explain what Saint John Paul the Great meant when he wrote "The Body Reveals Man" This phrase alludes to Genesis 2:18-20 when Adam becomes aware that he is not the same as the rest of creation. Our souls are reflected in our bodies through actions and expressions.
What does it mean when it is said that we are "relational beings?" Our existence involves many, many relationships with other people, our environment, the very air we breath!
Explain, "the 'invisible determines man more than the 'visible'" Man consists of an exterior and an interior self (soul) that are deeply united. The soul is higher than the body. No matter what happens to our bodies, we are still fully human with unchangeable dignity. "I am more than my body."
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