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A&P Ch4 Tissues


This type of cell junction anchors adjacent cells and resists their separation during contractile activities. Adherens and desmosome
These tissue cells are found lining the chambers of the heart and the lumen of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Simple squamous epithelium
What fibers is found in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue? Reticular fibers, Elastic fibers, and Collagen fibers
This type of connective tissue expands and recoils, and is important in the functioning of the lungs and large arteries. Elastic
This type of cartilage is the most abundant type in the body. Hyaline cartilage
This type of connective tissue supports soft tissues, protects delicate structures, works with skeletal muscles to generate movement, and stores calcium and phosphorus. Bone
The extracellular matrix in blood tissue is the: Plasma
This type of membrane lines a body cavity that does NOT open directly to the outside. Serous
This type of tissue has elongated cells, called fibers, which generate force by contracting. Muscle
3 main tissue types found in the human body? Connective, Muscle, Epithelial
This tissue is used as a covering, It lines the inside of body cavities, vessels, and tract, It has a free surface epithelial tissue
This type of cell junction consists of tunnels through which ions and small molecules can diffuse from the cytosol of one cell to another. Gap junction
This is a thin extracellular layer of basal lamina and reticular lamina, found between epithelial and connective tissues. Basement membrane
This tissue lines the serous membranes of the body cavities, where it is called mesothelium. Simple squamous epithelial
The lining of most of the respiratory tract is made up of this tissue. Ciliated, pseudostratified columnar epithelium
Which type of exocrine gland releases it product in secretory vesicles via exocytosis? Merocrine
Which of the following connective tissue cell type is present in nearly all connective tissue and usually the most abundant cell type? Fibroblasts
This epithelium lines the inner wall of the urinary bladder. Transitional epithelium
Common polysaccharides found in ground substance include Hyaluronic acid
Extracellular fibers in connective tissue that are very strong and resist pulling forces are: Collagen fibers
Where is the most common location for adipose tissue? Subcutaneous layer deep to skin
The main function of dense regular connective tissues is: Strong attachment between structures like bones
The most widely distributed tissue in the body is: Connective tissue
Which connective tissue cell stores fat? Adipocyte
The lining of the intestinal tract, including the absorptive cells, is made up of this tissue. Simple columnar epithelial
Which of the following is classified as loose connective tissue? Areolar connective tissue
Besides storing fat, a role of adipose tissue is: To act as an insulator and reduce heat loss through the skin
This type of connective tissue has no blood supply and so heals poorly following an injury. Cartilage
This type of cartilage is the strongest and found in the intervertebral discs between vertebrae of the spine, Fibrocartilage
Liquid connective tissue includes: Blood and lymph
List 3 parts of the epithelial membrane in the human body? Mucous membrane, Serous membrane, and Cutaneous membrane
This type of membrane lines the cavity of the freely moveable joints of the skeletal system. Synovial
The primary cell type in this tissue responds to various stimuli by generating action potentials Nervous
These are immature, undifferentiated cells that can divide to replace lost or damaged cells. Stem cells
Where are mucous membranes found In the body cavities that open to the body's exterior
Blood, reticular, cartilage, adipose are all types of what Connective tissue
Except for cartilage, tendons, and ligaments connective tissue has a rich blood supply. What is this describing? Connective tissue
fat storage Adipose
type of cell that waterproofs the skin Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
Forms the stroma (framework) of many organs Reticular connective
Composes the intervertebral discs Fibrocartilage
Stores red bone marrow, protects, supports Bone
Non-striated involuntary Smooth muscle
Found in lungs, involved in diffusion Simple squamous epithelium
Found in kidney tubules, involved in absorption Simple cuboidal epithelium
Where would you find smooth muscle tissue In the walls of hollow organs
List four types of tissues Connective, epithelial, muscular, nervous
List four things found in extracellular matrix of connective tissue Collagen fibres, hyaluronic acid, elastic fibres, reticular fibres
Which connective tissue cells secrete antibodies Plasma cells
Modified columnar epithelial cells that secrete mucus are what cells Goblet
Which tissue is characterized by branching cells connected to each other by intercalated discs Cardiac muscle
Stratified squamous epithelium functions in Protection
What tissue is found in tendons Dense regular connective tissue
This secretes diffuse into interstitial fluid and then into the bloodstream Endocrine gland
Secretion enter ducts Exocrine gland
Epithelial tissue is classified according to Shape and arrangement of its cells
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